Hanny Hausmann, MA, LMHC

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I am a bilingual psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of children. I provide counseling to children and their families in order to promote their emotional wellness.
I can help resolve many of the problems that children face including:
*problems in school
*transitional adjustments
*family conflicts
*autism and development delays
*social difficulties
*abuse and trauma
*divorce, and more.
I understand the unique language of children and put that to use by integrating different approaches to treatment. 
Sometimes parents worry when they see their child sad,disruptive, angry, rebellious, or out of focus. Or maybe parents are concerned about how their child gets along with his friends or if he has a developmental delay problem.

I use play therapy to understand what is creating those symptoms and at the same time give emotional support to understand and validate their feelings and develop coping skills that can make them happier.  
Sometimes when disciplining does not work, it is because there are underlying unresolved feelings that the child acts out because the child does not know how to express those feelings any other way.I offer parenting skill training to give parents tools to cope better with the child’s problem and to construct a supportive and healthier relationship with their kids. When it is necessary I have contact with the school and other professionals involved in the well being of the child. 

I offer appointments during the week, weekends, days and night appointments.  
I am admired by the tact and warmth in which I relate to children and parents. 
Born and raised in South America I understand the challenges that can result from form moving to the states from another country.  I have participated in several television programs, graduated Cum Laude with a Master's Degree in Counseling, award winner writer of a children's educational book. 

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