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As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am committed and passionate about offering support and guidance to self discovery, growth and conflict resolution.  I believe in a compassionate, yet direct and honest approach, and believe most people are looking for understanding and straight forward help with their pain, anxiety, conflict and stress. I enjoy working with couples, men, women, teens and seniors. Creating a strong sense of self confidence and resiliency leads to feeling empowered, and taking control of your life. I have been in professional practice for over 10 years, married for 14 years, have gone through divorce, raising kids, and know what it takes to make it work! Life has been challenging for me, and led me through personal experience, to help those who are also experiencing deep struggles. I'm blessed to say I've come out on the other side, thanks to hard work, unwavering commitment, and faith. 

About Harmony:
I've had the privilege of being Texas born and raised, and experience both small town Panhandle life, and fast pace city life. Born in Amarillo and spending half of my childhood in the tiny ranching and farming town of Dalhart, I received generations of values, faith, and the importance of family. Spending the latter part of my childhood in Dallas, I quickly learned how to be adaptable, open minded and competitive. I became highly motivated as an athlete in high school, and played competitive soccer in Europe and in college. As an adult I transitioned into coaching, and dabbled in power lifting and fitness. I now enjoy a more leisurely athletic lifestyle with my husband and our teenage kids, and supporting their competitive endeavors. I love the outdoors, traveling, boating, ranch life, goats and have happily settled on acreage on the outskirts of Dallas. I've chosen the best of both worlds! 
I believe we all deserve peace and freedom, but we must be willing to work for it. The goal of therapy is to provide a practical plan, attainable goals, and the safety and support to work through your thoughts and feelings that are keeping you from healing and moving forward. Therapy is a process, not a fix. If we allow it, change occurs when we are the most uncomfortable. Unwanted feelings need to be addressed, in order to be resolved. I subscribe to a combination of psychodynamic theory and family systems theory, having experienced them working well together and creating a well balanced approach allowing for personalization and tailoring for each client.
Couples Therapy
 Divorce Adjustment/Process, Recovery and Separation
Women's Issues including Post-Partum Depression
Family Counseling- Parenting, Family Conflict, Blended Families
Christian Counseling
Life Transition and Adjustment Disorders
Self-Esteem and Self Identity
​Competitive and Elite Level Athletes
Grief and Loss
Depression and Anxiety
Bi-polar Disorder
Personality Disorders
Collaboration with psychiatry, referrals- when appropriate

Starting out at Texas Tech University and finishing at the University of Texas Dallas, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the school of Brain and Behavioral Science.  I continued my education here in Dallas at Argosy University, receiving a Master's degree in Counseling.  I am also a member of the American Psychological Association and American Psychotherapy Association.  My in-patient experience has been with children and adolescents with dual-diagnosis including eating disorders at Children's Medical Center Dallas. My internship was done right in the heart of Uptown Dallas with the amazing and creative team of therapists 'The LifeWorks Group', owned and operated by my fellow Panhandle friend and colleague, Melanie Wells LPC, LMFT, and author.  

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