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  • Licensed Ind├ępendant Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), Psychotherapist
  • 1619 Dayton Ave. Ste 111, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55104
  • Phone: 612.889.7517
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Have you had a difficult time connecting with others? Do you have a good relationship with yourself? It takes a lot of bravery to seek assistance and support for life’s difficult situations – you are not alone.  Do you feel that you have
a long-standing and complex mental health concern? What about this – are you having a difficult time connecting with your partner? Feeling stuck? These are some of the challenges that I have helped others (like you!) work through. We

can problem solve and strategize on how to take your next step.
Working with many diverse clients in difficult situations, I have an extensive background around racial, ethnic, diverse socioeconomic, and cultural issues.  I am a counselor that is community-minded and believes in working with you to create brave choices while going in-depth on the paths you chose to explore in your therapy. I believe in working collaboratively to develop practical steps to achieve solutions to immediate problems and proactive approaches to long-term issues. Using a collaborative and strength based approach; I have been counseling people since 2010.  How we treat ourselves is critical to our day-to-day lives, to our families, to our communities, to our future – you deserve a good relationship with yourself.
Those who are interested in taking a creative approach in therapy are welcome. Maybe you have writer’s block or you are stuck in your life and/or creativity. When working with individuals, couples, families and different cultures, I utilize my experience in the arts to help individuals express things creatively that they may be hard to express verbally. Some individuals do not think of themselves as “creative enough,” but, this is an option open to all clients I work with.  
I believe that everyone deserves a good relationship with themselves. Let’s work together to create a plan for you. If therapy with me doesn’t feel “right,” we will find someone who is a good fit for you.
Interracial Partnerships
Diversity and Racial Equity
Self Harm
Anxiety Disorders/Phobias
Anger Management
Relationship Concerns
Eating Disorders, including concerned friends and family
Chronic Health Concerns
Stress Management
Substance Use/Abuse, including concerned friends and family
Life Transitions
Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorders, including concerned friends and family

Personal Growth
It's a myth that time heals. Time heals nothing. It's what we do with the time - the choices we make in the time. The people we surround ourselves with. The life we create and share. The love in our hearts and the hope in our minds, at any time, can heal, create, inspire and change almost anything... you just have to take the time to realize it. Look at yourself, and the faces of others... stop to see all the possibilities - open yourself up to this life and say, "I'm not too busy." - Jodi Hills 

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