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 Approach to Therapy

 I believe that good therapeutic work is based in a solid foundation of warmth, support,authenticity, and trust; and I utilize empathy, compassion, humor, and critical thinking to build on those themes. We will work together to create an environment in which you can feel safe to explore your darkest parts, your deepest hurts, and your most profound joys. We will build on your stories of strength, deepening your connection to empowerment and well-being, and I will support you in exploring your experiences of loss and pain. We will look at the ways that they continue to impact your life in the present moment, and work to shift those stories meaningfully and supportively.
Therapy should be challenging. Growth and change can be exciting, but also uncomfortable, and at times even painful.  While our relationships to certain patterns and ways of being may feel unhealthy or dysfunctional, they are also often familiar and comfortable. The work of letting go of these ways of being sometimes requires stepping into the unknown.  We will take those steps together, working at whatever pace feels most productive to you. 

Meet Heather 

 I am a graduate of Antioch University where I earned my MA in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Community Psychology. I have also completed the course work for the drug and alcohol counseling certification program at California State Dominguez Hills University. In 2011, I worked in collaboration with The LA Gender Center and The Relational Center to develop and host Transolidarity; a community dialogue organized with an eye toward building stronger communities of transgender people. My volunteerism has also taken me abroad, where I have had wonderful opportunities to expand my understanding of the human experience. In 2010, I spent time working with the NGO WoMen Against Rape; the only rape crisis center in Botswana. There, I worked with community leaders to develop and implement a training for local counselors and social workers around the issues of alcoholism as they impact the individual, the family, and the community - specifically as it related to a high incidence of gender-based violence in the area. And in 2013, I traveled to Haiti to support the post-earthquake re-building effort, and spent time learning about trauma resiliency in a communal context.   As a clinician, I have developed or helped to develop trainings on the topics of gender, sexuality, relationship styles, eros and erotic energies, and power/privilege/marginalization. I am particularly interested in ideas around the intersections of identities as they transition over the lifespan. I work with a broad range of clients including individuals, couples, and families.  I work on issues ranging from anxiety and depression, to grief and life transitions.  I also do focused work in the areas of body love, intimacy, sex, sexuality, and gender.

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