Heidi Sheehan, M.A., R.C.C.

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Heidi is an experienced, professional therapist who has worked with couples and individuals for over 20 years.  She is known for her gentle nature, her intuition and her wisdom, helping people discover aspects of themselves that have previously beeen out of their awareness.  Clients who have worked with Heidi often have profound insights that inspire them to continue their process of self-exploration.  In Heidi's care, they feel emotionally safe enough to reveal parts of themselves that are painful or shameful.  They gain the strength and courage to work through their experiences and heal.

Heidi is primarily person-centred, preferring to view the clients as the experts on themselves.  From an empathic perspective, she offers intuitive insights to deepen the person's self-awareness.  She provides feedback grounded in psychological and therapeutic theory as well as from her experience in counselling, which further enhances the individual's growth and understanding. 

Throughout her sessions, Heidi may teach cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT) and practical, relevant strategies that clients can adopt as tools for living; explore family of origin themes; use EMDR for traumatic events; or incorporate existential discussions.  Heidi provides short and long term therapy, depending on the needs and preferences of each client.

People of all ages benefit from the counselling they receive from Heidi, including children, teens, and adults through the ages.  She is non-judgemental and sensitive, and welcomes diversity of age, race, culture or orientation among her clientele, honouring their context and world in her work.

When working with children, Heidi ensures the caregivers have sufficient information to support their child and further their progress at home.  Adolescents, who have extremely high privacy needs, are assured their personal issues will not be shared with their parents unless safety concerns emerge.

Couples often report that Heidi's approach has improved their relationships in ways that other therapists have not, and are delighted to discover renewed harmony and connection.

Adults come to Heidi for help with a multitude of emotional, personal, or interpersonal concerns and situations.  She assists them in whichever way they request, whether they want compassionate support, coping strategies, or a more profound experience along an individual journey.

In the relatively small, interconnected community of the Sunshine Coast, Heidi is discreet and respectful, emphasizing confidentiality in her practice and striving to ensure the privacy of all of her clients.

She has a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from U.B.C. and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Assocation of Clinical Counsellors.

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