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Danielle Gagnon received her Masters in Counselling from Trinity Western University in British Columbia. Recognizing the connection between mental and physical health Danielle went on to receive her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Calgary. She holds dual registration in Alberta both as a Registered Psychologist and as a Registered Nurse. Danielle currently is enrolled PhD studies in the field of Nursing at the University of Alberta. Her field of study is investigating the implications of sleep quality declines on health.

In addition to working directly with client's Danielle also works with Community Organizations and Businesses in a variety of capacities with a primary focus of developing strategies to maximize resources and improve services. Danielle also values education and the role of future healthcare professionals and therefore, spends a portion of her time teaching in the Psychiatric Nurses Program at Grant MacEwan University.

Danielle's primary focus in therapy is to ease suffering and promote wellness. Often, clients’ seek therapeutic intervention when they are struggling with an obstacle that reduces their sense of peace. Danielle strives to identify the source of the discontent and create strategies with the client(s) to reduce and eliminate the struggle so that well-being can be obtained and/or restored. Danielle emphasizes the role of a therapeutic relationship in therapy where client(s) experience trust, acceptance and a willingness to be open to viewing their situation from an alternate perspective. Using the above approach Danielle finds that client(s) are able to resolve issues promptly and remove obstacles that were challenging their ability to fulfill their potential and feel a sense of purpose in their lives. 

Danielle applies her key principals of therapeutic intervention across multiple issues for individuals, couples, and families. Key areas of specialization include: 

Health and Illness Issues

Healthy Emotional Balance

Sleep Disruption

Stress Management



Depression and Anxiety

Mental Illness

Substance Abuse/Addictions

Family Therapy/ Family in Crisis

Marital Counselling

Relationship Issues

Mediation/Conflict Resolution

Challenging Teens

Life Transitions and Stages

Grief and Loss Issues

Linda Schritt RSW


Specializes in providing counselling services to individuals, families, and groups. She has extensive training and experience in the area of childhood abuse. She was worked with a range of the complex issues that are associated with abuse. Linda demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the challenges that face clients who have endured and survived abuse. Linda possesses the knowledge base and skill level to assist those individuals who are continually challenged by the life-long journey of healing through the implementation of trauma resolution and family counseling. 

Linda works from a conceptual framework that acknowledges the traumagenic impact of abuse on the individual and family systems dynamics. Linda is able to assess the individual for the behavioral indicators and symptomatology generally associated with abuse and work within the client’s capacity. Through the implementation of various established treatment modalities Linda is able to proficiently deliver counseling services to effectively enhance the healing process.

Areas of practice:

Recovery from all forms of child abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse) 

Domestic Violence Issues

Anger Management


Blended Family Issues

Self-esteem/Healthy Boundaries

Loss and Bereavement

Relationship Issues

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