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You’re exhausted. It’s likely you’re worried about exhausting everyone around you, too. You’ve tried changing again and again but your efforts seem in vain. Using up every tool you can think of still hasn’t made things better. It’s hard to decide what to follow now. Confusion, frustration, and defeat have darkened your days.

Whether it’s your last ditch effort or you’re looking to start out strong, I’m here to help. At Bright Horizon Wellness Center, I work to help my clients develop the boundaries, communication patterns, and find the truth pillars they need to thrive in their relationships with themselves and those around them. I’m here for you so you don’t have to work through the struggle alone.

With a masters in clinical psychology, emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, I work with a systems approach and a blend of proven techniques to support your needs. In addition to my clinical background I have a background in biblical studies for those looking to bridge faith and emotions.

With online counseling, the frustration of commuting is removed. For couples, no longer is it a requirement to shuffle things around to be at the same place for sessions. Where barriers are removed, so are excuses. The time to start is now.

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