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  • Canadian Certified Counsellor
  • 605 Des Meurons St unit 103, Winnipeg, MB , Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2H 2R1
  • Phone: 204-333-9200
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  • Session Fees: Individual Session: $135.00 per 50 min. Couples Session: $150.00 per 50 min. Family (struggling with Addiction) Session: $185.00 per 50 min. Family Intervention (Addiction) Session: $250.00 per 50 min
  • www.jackiepersona.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

I see life as a beautiful experience that is filled with difficult challenges and at times unbearable pain. When we are in a place of not being able to navigate these experiences, we can feel as if the anchor has attached itself. We can begin to feel held back, stuck, or even taking things further and walking into those deep dark woods of addiction or self-harming. Working alongside my clients we open and explore relationship experiences and take a closer look at how they see themselves, the people in their lives and the big world (which can be scary at times).

I offer therapy in a safe place….one that meets my clients where they are at while developing a warm, respective relationship based on empathy and authenticity. Some sessions will be difficult with tears while others will be joyous with laughter.

I practice from a trauma-informed, attachment and strength-based framework which means I am gentle in opening up the past, cautious of when and what to explore, and always working with you to find your ability to move forward while bringing awareness to your strengths. In session, we will explore areas of your life that may involve childhood and adult relationships, traumatic events, addiction, eating disorders and mental illness while bringing to the surface your strengths and focusing on hope and opportunities.
I have a Master of Arts in Counselling Degree and continue to explore evidence-based modalities such as CBT, DBT, Solution Focused Therapy, and Narrative therapy. I also welcome and engage in finding alternative ways of healing such as yoga, essential oils, and great conversations of spiritualism.
I belong to three counselling bodies in Canada. The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapists Association (CCPA), The Canadian Professional Counselling Association (CPCA) and the Alberta Counselling and Therapy Association (ACTC).  

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