Jadwiga Binczak, MACP, RP, CSAT, ICCDPD,CCAC

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  • Registered Psychotherapist&Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist
  • 31 PASS Court, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 5R9
  • Phone: 705-717-1625
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  • www.infiniteminds.ca
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 I am a Registered Psychotherapist, a dedicated professional who considers my best success, the success of my clients.

     I've began my clinical career in 1994 in North Bay, ON in a Detoxification Unit with individuals suffering from dependence to alcohol and other drugs. These individuals were my first teachers of how powerful addiction is and what the consequences of it may be; mood swings, irritability, fatigue, insomnia and development of mental health problems. Many of my clients were scared, anxious, depressed, teary, isolated and powerless. They taught me about a hope, faith, and strength to be able to regain control in their lives. They taught me the courage and bravery not to ever give up...
       My clients became my motivation to pursue with further education in addictions-specific areas expending later to the areas of my new interest on how addictive behaviors affect human mind, behaviors, emotions, perception on life, and families. Further, I became more in-tuned in the concept of "addicted family Unit" realizing that "addicts" do not live in a vacuum but live and rely on someone in their lives. Consequently, all members of the family create a dysfunctional pattern of mutual blame, shame, hurt and projection. Then I, started working with families to improve their functioning, communication and personal boundaries.
             Since 2002, I have been employed with the Canadian Forces helping soldiers with childhood and operational traumas as well as with excessive use of alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, Internet and other addictive behaviors. My specialization is in working with high-risk groups; soldiers, police, or fighter-fighters. 15 years of the experience working with this population gives my work new meaning, comprehension and empathy.
      In my private practice, I am devoted to work with couples, families and marriages distressed by addictive behaviors, trauma or just feeling they lost they way after years of being together. I have been striving for ongoing self improvement that is why I have continued with my further education and have achieved a level of Masters in Counseling Psychology in order to best serve my clients who benefit from my passion and devotion to the field of Mental Health and Addictions.
      Over 25 years of learning from her clients, I have completed four International Certifications in alcohol, other drugs and gambling. I also completed studies at International Institute of Trauma and Addictions and received a designation of Sexual Addictions Therapist. I have mastered evidence-based therapeutic approaches to childhood and operational trauma, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and impulse control disorders. My goal for the future is to offer unique, personalized approach to each client; individual, couple, marriage, or groups in a trusting, spontaneous and stress-free environment.  I am happy to meet with you for 30 min free chat. Take a chance...

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