Jamey Hecht, MA, PhD, LMFT

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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 441 South Beverly Drive # 12, Beverly Hills, California, 90212
  • Phone: 917-873-0292
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  • Session Fees: $250 per session. Sliding scale available.
  • www.drjameyhecht.com/
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

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My main areas of work are depression, addiction, anxiety, blocked creativity, self-esteem, life-transition issues, and relationships. I enjoy working with clients of all genders, orientations, and ancestries, taking an active interest in each client's expression of their own experience.

We all need to develop our capacity to love and to work; to discover our emotional, sexual, social, and creative needs; and to find ethical and effective ways of getting those needs met. Therapy can help you to clear away the fog of old feelings and unconscious blockages that inhibit your pursuit of those tasks. 

I listen with empathy and respect, and add a new perspective. I'm a pretty active therapist, not a silent and passive one, so (to speak poetically for a moment) I wade into the waters  with you, finding the firm places where we can stand and think together about how to nourish your most adult self, while soothing and healing what hurts.

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