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  • Registered Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist
  • #204-616 KLO Rd., Kelowna, British Columbia, V1Y 4X4
  • Phone: 250-826-8255
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  • Session Fees: $135.00 per session (55 mins). This includes tax.
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Jan Sutherland is an experienced professional couples, marriage and family therapist with a well established practice in Kelowna, B.C. She provides relationship and marriage counselling to both singles and couples. In couples therapy, Jan helps people to communicate more effectively, develop better conflict strategies and enhance intimacy and connection.

In the beginning, most relationships are exciting and fulfilling. Many people, however, report that over time those good relationships become strained and difficult. Through couples counselling, Jan helps people stop the "drift" that creeps into so many good relationships by helping couples rebuild the positive loving relationships they once had.

Fighting about kids, sex, money or household tasks can drain the fun out of being together. All couples experience problems from time to time but if they cannot overcome them resentments grow and partners stop communicating in a productive and loving way. As an experienced Kelowna couples counsellor, Jan can quickly determine the work that needs to be done to restore balance and harmony in a relationship.   

People who have re-married often run into issues that come with blending families and step parenting. Keeping everyone happy, maintaining some degree of organization and remaining sensitive to the needs and demands of everyone is often a daunting and exhausting job. Jan can lend her expertise to these issues and help you find a better way to manage all the conflicting emotions and issues.

Relationship issues affect individuals too, causing stress, anxiety and depression. Jan provides counselling and therapy to help individuals overcome problems that they may have in developing happy relationships.

Jan believes that her clients want to see results. She works to help people set realistic goals that will solve their individual and/or relationship problems. Through couple and individual counselling Jan's aim is to remove the roadblocks so that people feel more fulfilled individualy as well as their relationships.

Jan remains active in the profession of marriage and family therapy having sat on relevant provincial and federal associations. She is on the founding board of and a facilitator for the Okanagan Learning Circle Institute of Family Therapy. She is also an approved supervisor of marriage and family therapists in the Kelowna area. Jan and her husband have been married for 27 years and have 4 children.

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