Janelle Comtois, MSW RSW

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  • Registered Social Worker
  • 356 Woodroffe Avenue, Suite 201, Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 3V6
  • Phone: 613-863-5092
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  • Session Fees: 150$/hour for individual, 200/hour for family or couple

My practice offers goal oriented and evidence based therapy to children, youth and adults in the Ottawa area. I am a bilingual (fluent in French and English), Aboriginal Social Worker who has been working as a Mental Health Social Worker with Children, Youth and Adults in the Ottawa area since 2006.I specialize in utilizing cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing, solution focused, holistic and narrative therapeutic techniques with clients struggling with a variety of issues including substance abuse, high risk behaviors, disordered eating, trauma and abuse and mental health difficulties such as depression and anxiety.I work with Clients to help them use their strengths and qualities to overcome life's challenges and build resilience and self esteem to face future challenges as well.

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