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  • Licensed Psychologist
  • 2001 S. Barrington Ave. Suite 203, Los Angeles, California, 90025
  • Phone: 310-752-9597
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  • Session Fees: $180/session. Anthem insurance; otherwise Out-of-network only -- Superbills provided for your submission to PPO insurance for reimbursement.
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Do you feel your depression has boxed you in so that you no longer see the joy of life?

Has anxiety, in any of its many forms, overtaken your day? And the simple tips you read about “how to relax” no longer work, but only frustrate you?


I begin by offering you an empathic and non-judgmental safe place in which you can start to express what’s truly going on inside of you. I listen closely to unpack the issues that are causing distress. With more than 30 years of experience in working with individuals, I am able to offer a path forward out of where you are stuck – a path which is uniquely tailored to you. Working with your feelings, your thoughts, your nervous system… you can arrive at being yourself again. A newly empowered you can look back at your symptoms and confusion, and instead begin a new day with renewed energy and calm.


As a California licensed psychologist, I specialize not only in Depression and Anxiety, but also in Adult ADHD.

Is your untreated Adult ADHD causing significant stress in your life and holding you back from accomplishing your dreams?

Untreated ADHD affects not only work and school, but also your key relationships at home. It’s time to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your executive functioning, and how they may be limiting the expression of your true intelligence. Individuals who’ve worked with me have gained greater access to their inherent competence and have been able to meet their adult responsibilities more consistently, resulting in significant reduction in their stress levels. To say nothing of the increased pride they felt in themselves. 

I also work effectively with these issues:

·      Self-esteem

·      Relationship problems

·      Grief and loss

·      Trauma


Online Therapy

After meeting with you face-to-face for at least two sessions, on-line therapy, conducted via a secure video link, becomes an option we can consider. Online therapy offers enhanced convenience for those with time or transportation constraints.


When appropriate, neurofeedback can become part of a regular-length therapy session at no additional charge.

Neurofeedback rental systems for home use are available to clients for a monthly fee.


·     Being valued for who they are.

·     Feeling better as hurts and fears are resolved.

·     Becoming empowered to make changes in their lives that make a difference.

I offer the depth of 35 years of experience, compassion and skill. While the core of the therapy I provide is client-centered, I move into psychodynamic, cognitive, and mind-body approaches as needed. We’ll both know that the therapeutic work is complete when your heart and mind are in alignment to sustain the actions you wish to take in the world.



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o  The Four Walls of Depression

o  The Pluses and Minuses of Having Anxiety

o  The Seven Executive Functions Inside “Attention Deficit”

Email me – click on the link at top of this page. 

Call me (310 – 752 – 9597) and leave a voice message with your phone number. I return calls within one business day.



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