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I was a small animal veterinarian first until illness made that impossible. Deciding I liked people as well as animals, I decided to return to school. I became a marital and family therapist and registered psychologist.
I am registered in the province of Alberta and work with people on the phone, Skype, email or instant messaging. I have to limit my practice to this as we farm both in Central Alberta and the Peace Country.

I take a great deal of pleasure in working collaboratively with people to bring out their strengths that have always been present but may have been hidden for a while.

Problems that I have dealt with most frequently are:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Parenting
• marriage issues
• stage of life issues that are often hard for people to negotiate
• Trauma, dealing especially with people who are still carrying wounds from childhood and that are still affecting them in all areas of their life.
• Sexuality throughout the life span

From my experience as a veterinarian I realize that trauma is held in the body. In the same way an abused animal lives in fear and cowers, I frequently find that my clients are dealing with trauma from early life and this trauma is often reverberating in their life today.

Trauma occurring early in life is referred to as Developmental Trauma and it is every bit as problematic as the trauma that arises later in life from domestic violence or a car accident. I teach relaxation and coping skills before any trauma work is done as people have to have the resources to deal with issues that arise. We work collaboratively to silence the critical voice in a person’s head.

Sometimes marriages stall and I am trained to Level 2 in the Gottman method of marital therapy. I address issues of communication, handling conflict effectively, building friendship and rituals of connection. The aim of therapy is to have couples moving towards one another emotionally instead of living parallel lives.

As in my own life, I realize everyone experiencing life's challenges and those challenges don't have to have a diagnosis. They are solvable problems and people just need to talk to a counsellor that respects them and wants to work with them to bring out their strengths. Based on my training and experience, I help people deal with complicated lives to help them become successful and happy.

I have a particular interest in sexuality through the life span and deal with all issues of sexuality. I am certified through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. I work online by Skype and also by phone. 

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