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Inquiring minds want to know, "am I ready to become unstuck?"   If what you are doing is not working, and you are lost, feeling stuck, you may want to explore new approaches - whether through therapy/counseling or coaching...I am a professionally trained, fully licensed therapist and coach, and am waiting for you to call!
Therapy can help you change unhealthy thinking and behaviors, learn skills that  work for you, not against you.  Skills that will help you realize your own strengths and your ability to find solutions that fit.  As your therapist, I can help guide you to positive, healthy skills to self-empowerment, no matter where you find yourself, whether it is stress/anxiety/worry/fear, depression, co-dependency, adult ADHD,...no matter what the situation.
My approach is unique, focusing and rehashing the past can be counterproductive.  Yes, sometimes we need to look back to understand the present, but my main focus with you will be on your strengths, solution focused, emotionally focused, with a compassionate directness.  I have had extensive training in varying techniques, and do not rely on one method.  You're unique, and so must the counseling be.  Yes, I have training in CBT, positive psych, solution focused, emotional focused, psychodynamic and more over the last two decades.    Your goal will determine your therapy.  It is important that we not become stuck rehashing negative events or experiences, rereading the same chapter will not help you finish the book!  
Fees are due at the time services are rendered. I am able to accept your HSA , debit or credit card or personal check.  Schedule of costs and fees available upon requst.  I do not participate with insurance carriers, however, if your policy has out of network benefits, we can certainly discuss how to make that work for you.   Sliding scale may be available after the initial/intake session.  Let's talk about it!
(Once we've met, and worked together a few times, you should ask me about the secure/encrypted video chat for some of our sessions). 
Now, let's get to work, your future is waiting for you! 
Those seeking support, and are curious how Janice can help...."Life/Transformational" Coaching  is what you've been seeking.   As your coach, I will provide support, guidance and ask you  the right questions so you will find your way.  Achieve that goal that seems to alusive, develop your emotional IQ, transform yourself to what and where you want ot be..   
As a Life Coach, I work with Adults with ADHD, motivating, time and stresss management, emotional distress, and more.  We can talk/meet once per week, or more, depending of what you need.  ADHD is no reason not to achieve your dreams, we'll work together to help you get there!
My work as a life/transformational coach also includes working with the older adult who may be re-entering the dating world --- recognize what your values are, what values you seek in a prospective partner; where to go to find that person, and more.  Let's get started, they're not going to wait forever! 
Meetings with therapy clients** and coaching clients can be performed face-to-face or via a secure/encrypted video chat.
 I look forward to working with YOU!
Janice Della Badia, LCSW  
Professional Coach, Psychotherapist 
Board Certified Diplomate                                                            
 **Therapy clients will need Janice's specific prior approval to transition from face-to-face sessions to video sessions.  Initial/Intake session plus two face-to-face sessions must be accomplished prior to approval for video sessions.

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