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The question you may wish to ask yourself is "am I ready....".  Are YOU ready to start a calm, content life focused on positivity and joy, living for yourself with a strong sense of who you are and where you are going, living for yourself, develop your strengths, self-esteem, heal pain and loss from the recent or long past?  If what you are doing is not working, and you are lost, feeling stuck, you may want to explore new approaches.  If your answer is YES then its time to get to work, your worth it!
Therapy can help you stop the unhealthy thinking and behaviors, and learn skills that will work for you, not against you.  Skills that will help you realize your own strengths and your ability to find solutions that fit.  As your therapist, I can help guide you to positive, healthy skills to self-empowerment, no matter where you find yourself, no matter what the situation.
As your therapist  it is important for you to know I have trained extensively and have considerable experience working with adults, couples and adolescents in the areas of:
Anxiety/panic attacks/worry…Moving toward a calm and contented YOU!
Codependency…Understanding where you begin and others end, learn healthy boundaries and start                                                       caring for YOU!

Depression…Finding your way to positive, hopeful YOU

Grief & Loss…Moving forward to a peaceful YOU

Self-esteem…Learning YOU are wonderfully unique, decisive and empowered.

Stress Management… take the sting out of daily stressors, alleviate feeling overextended and become
                                      inventive YOU

Relationships/Couples… Finding your way to a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship

ADD/ADHD… turn dysfunction into thriving function!  Time management, organization skills/methods and
Waken to Thrive.... a support group for women 40+ who are divorced, divorcing, separated, or recovering from the end of a long term relationship....YOU are not alone!  Join us and become the independent YOU!  (detailed information upon request).
My approach is unique, as a therapist clinical focus is strengths based, solution, emotionally focused, with a compassionate directness.  I have had extensive training in areas of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) attachment and emotion regulation, psychodynamic psychotherapy, positive psychology and more.  This allows me to have a variety of tools and interventions which can be customized to ass YOU achieve your therapeutic goal(s).  Your goal will determine your therapy.  It is important that we not become stuck rehashing negative events or experiences.  The past is very important, but gone.  Your future is happening now. Your focus will determine your life.  With guidance, you will come to live the life you love!
Relationships are work, need nurturing, require respect and trust. People come to couples/marital counseling when the pain, resentment, maybe even betrayal are in the way of the couple's ability to hear and understand each other.   If you find that you and your partner can't seem to have a conversation without arguing, if you feel that the love and respect have gone, learning to listen, understand each other's thoughts, feelings, desires and needs, can heal the pain and help your relationship grow.  You both are the pilots of your relationship, and you will stay together if that is what you want.
Your teen face challenges today we may never have dreamed...   Social media, academic performance, peer pressures, transitioning from home to college and then.....many return home, again, unable to be self-sufficient. Studies and research has,unfortunately, revealed adolescents today experience significant levels of depression, anxiety, stress, worry more than ever before.   I am a certified youth and adolescent psychotherapy with extensive experience working with teens who are facing these and many other issues.  Your teens success as an adult may depend on their ability to work with a therapist today.  

Coaching is not therapy, it does not address or process through traumas, depression, painful life experience.  Rather As your personal coach I will partner and collaborate with you through a thoughtful, focused, creataive series of thought provoking questions, inspiring you to maximize your personal and professional potential.  A coach does not give advice or direction, but will focus on where you are now, and how you may move forward to achieving the best of YOU.
I have had the honor of working with many varied individuals over almost two decades.  My training and experience as a therapist has enhanced and enriched my skill as a coach.
My specialty coaching with adults with ADHD; parenting, co-parenting, relationships and dating; life transition and divorce.  
Because coaching is not clinical in nature, I am able to offer YOU an assortment of customized packages to suit your needs, all with the option of extending into other areas you may wish to explore.  
As a professionally training collaborative divorce coach, I have significant experience working with couples who are in the process of divorce but may need assistance resolving those matters which may be difficult to settle, including parenting time with children and equitable distrubtion.  I have significant experience working with family law professionals.  I understand the process of divorce and separation and how emotionally charged it can become.   Don't squander your family's assets, hire a coach and reduce your stress and expenses!
 I look forward to working with YOU!
Janice Della Badia, LCSW                                                JANICE 2.0 
Board Certified Diplomate                                                            Your personal coach for life!

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