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  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
  • 381 Bush Street, Suite 503, San Francisco, California, 94104
  • Phone: 415-944-3628
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  • www.jreidtherapy.com
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Approach to Therapy 
I work with clients who find it difficult to put themselves first in work and relationships. They often feel driven to care for others' needs yet forbidden to address their own. Life can feel urgent, frustrating and joyless when the rule is to help others without getting much in return. Symptoms such as anxiety and depression often result.

Habitual self-sacrifice is born from beliefs - often unconscious - about how relationships work. Such as a belief that expressing one's needs results in rejection, hurt, and/or abandonment. But beliefs are not facts. Beliefs can be understood, questioned, and exchanged for more empowering beliefs over time. I help clients engage in this process of change. In the course of therapy they often feel more entitled to get what they need in relationships. Symptoms of anxiety, substance abuse, and depression typically remit too.  
I electronically collect feedback data from my clients to make sure that therapy is working and that they feel like they are getting what they came to me to get.  When appropriate I will check in with clients to course-correct so that we are meeting their needs.  This approach puts my client's experience at the center of the therapeutic work and helps ensure we are making the progress they deserve. 
What does success in therapy look like? 
Successful therapy looks different for each client but always involves the reduction of symptoms – whether anxiety, depression, substance abuse or post-traumatic states.  A client’s goal for therapy is often intertwined with symptoms.  For instance, some highly anxious individuals find it dangerous to disagree with loved ones because they have learned it threatens the other person’s goodwill towards them.  Successful therapy for this person might mean gradually feeling safe and understood in the therapy to be able to state his/her point of view without worry that it will push needed others away.  When a client reaches this point, their symptoms of anxiety are radically diminished.  
My Background
I have always been interested in the study of the human mind.  I majored in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania then entered a clinical psychology program at Penn State to complete my master's degree.  For various reasons, I decided to go into the corporate world and developed a career as a data scientist.  All the while, I felt called to return to the field of psychotherapy and in the past five years obtained my licensure in the state of California.  I feel very fortunate to now be able to helpfully connect with clients while learning about and employing the most current theory and research in our work.  

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