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I know how awful it feels when your most important relationships aren't working. For some it just feels like you can't even talk anymore without a fight. It's easy to feel bad about yourself when things aren't going right in your relationships. Nothing feels right or good.

I've had many friends in the past who talked to me about their troubles, especially the heartache they felt in their marriages. Sometimes I felt so helpless and didn't know what to say. They'd tell me sometimes they felt they shouldn't be talking to me or other friends about their troubles because they were afraid of wearing out their welcome with friends. They told me sometimes they felt the advice they got from some friends was more detrimental than helpful, but they didn't know where else to turn. In addition, things weren't always perfect in my home either, so I resonated with their feelings.

Some of my friends eventually went to counseling. They not only found relief, but they started developing new communication skills and learning how to have meaningful and intimate relationships. First thing they knew, they were once again talking to each other and having fun together in their marriage.

So, out of this desire to help my friends. the zeal to hear their stories, and to work on my own marriage, I began to look into what could I do to make a difference. Eventually it led me to the place I am today--a licensed marriage and family counselor. I truly love the work I do--helping others have the opportunity to go from being sad, scared, lonely and perhaps overwhelmed to getting what they really want in life, fulfulling relationships, especially with those they love the most. It's not about a paycheck for me, but about the opportunity to help others in their journey towards renewed and vibrant relationships.

It's a big step to reach out for help. However, I also know it means you're hurting. I provide counseling within a caring, safe, supportive environment that lends itself to you getting the help you need.

I'd love to hear your story and if you'd like to talk with me about what's going on in your life right now, please call me at 408.644.3294.  I'll look forward to speaking with you soon.

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