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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • 2000 Dwight Way, Suite B, Berkeley, California, 94704
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My work is tailored to each individual and the changes that you want to achieve. This means that in addition to understanding you and your concerns, I'll help you identify, and then resolve, whatever blocks are in the way of how you would most naturally want to express yourself with others, and in the world.
Among the reasons that people see me are issues concerning:
  • Intimacy & Finding or Deepening Relationships 
  • Self-worth and Confidence
  • Transitions of various kinds: School, Work, Relationships, Children & Blended Families, Life Stages
  • Creativity, Purpose and Direction
  • Spiritual Inquiry

I incorporate the use of mindfulness in my work, which allows us to get beneath the surface of the conscious mind and study the fast-acting, "automatic" part of our brain that often controls what we do, against our better inclination or desire. I consider therapy to be a very participatory process, but while I'm attentive and actively engaged, it is in the service of us working together to achieve your goals.
In addition to working with individuals, I see a lot of couples in my practice, and have trained with Dr. Stan Tatkin, a leading couple therapist and author, whose work incorporates attachment styles and how our brains process information, all of which come into play in primary partner dynamics. In helping you understand each other more fully, I will also teach you how to manage conflict in a way that is constructive, and relate in ways that are collaborative and supportive, rather than reactive and conditional.
I began my professional career as an architect, though I have now practiced therapy for over 16 years. While I still love design and have an abiding interest in the creative process and expression, I have found unexpected pleasure and meaning in helping others. Whether you are going through a difficult transition or are confused about the direction of your life; if you are struggling with a chronic feeling state or a particular issue, I can be of help.

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