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Jeff Dieters
Registered Psychotherapist

Office: St. Catharines

Focus: Individual therapy, Couple’s therapy, Addictions, Grief and Loss recovery, Emotional regulation (e.g., anger, depression, anxiety), Criminal justice issues, Trauma, and Existential issues
Behold thy telling face doth cast from tethered moments still.
A longing gaze in mournful stage; for hope’s sake rescue heart and will!
I dare ask – What would you wish for to improve your personal sense of wellness and fulfillment? Or, perhaps further – What is preventing you from experiencing a more fulfilling life? Your response to such questions would undoubtedly expose the presence or absence of something or someone that is inhibiting the quality of your life. “What then can be done to improve it”, you ask?
Life can be personally satisfying and fulfilling, to be sure; but when seasons of change bring torrents of pain by way of health issues, relationship struggles, or traumatic events, there must be a life-affirming response, a passage through, a destined sanctuary of relief.
You are not alone. We all face personal challenges and would benefit from the caring support of others in times of stress and vulnerability.
Therapy can be a revealing exploration of the complex world inside as you engage with the ever-changing world outside. A voyage of discovery where life’s meaning, purpose and soulful longings appear – beneath pain, behind trauma, beyond the narrative of time.
As a correctional chaplain and psychotherapist my clinical training and experience offer a supportive and integrative approach that can help you resolve personal, relational, or even spiritual struggles that are preventing you from living a more fulfilling life.
As your therapist I will be a reflective mirror, a supportive presence and a skilled clinician to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.
Together we can enhance, restore and recover your health and wellbeing. Let’s get started!

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