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You are not alone. You are brave. You can change. You have hope. You have already begun.

Let me tell you how I know this. It takes bravery and initiative to admit that we need help and to seek out a professional we will then choose to trust with our stories. It's very hard feeling not "good enough" and there's an idea out there that we should really have this life and all its complexities all figured out on our own, that needing help makes us weak or less-than. So many of us often wait until things get really out of hand because we believe the stigma that "having" to go to counseling means there is something wrong with us. Instead of getting some help while we're struggling with the initial stages of an issue and preventing a bigger problem, our culture shames us into silence and a false sense of self-sufficiency, causing us to suffer instead of getting help right away. The truth is that none of us are superheroes and we could all use some guidance or just someone to listen to us every once in a while. If we have let it become unmanageable, then deciding on counseling is an even more courageous feat. So, congratulations, you've already shown incredible bravery, the will to overcome, your potential for change, and your capacity for hope. You are well on your way to effectively working through whatever started you on this journey. Now, let me tell you a little about myself, my training, and how I can help you.

Hello, I'm Jemma Coleman, a licensed therapist in Jupiter, Florida. I most enjoy working with couples, adolescents, and those dealing with relationship, identity, and self-acceptance issues. My ideal client is looking to improve their understanding of themselves & their relationships. With this increased understanding, my goal is to share what I've learned are the most effective ways to handle these issues and assist my clients to use the skills and the knowledge they acquire to create the life and relationships that they truly desire. We always work together, using your individuality, your personal culture, and your life experiences to shape and customize how our sessions unfold and progress.

With training in the Gottman Method, I am equipped and eager to help couples and their families find healthier, more effective ways of living and communicating. I very much enjoy teaching couples and leading them through practical ways to strengthen and adjust their relationships to be more fulfilling. I love the Gottman Method's practical "nuts and bolts" approach and the fact that it is based on four decades of longitudinal research! More than just a theory, it's based in science, and I love offering something reliable and easy to implement to my clients. Working to improve your relationship as a couple can feel daunting and scary, but it's clear that you've already started to consider it is worth the effort and the investment to build something you feel confident in and proud of.

Adolescents also hold a special place in my heart and I offer free support groups for teens in addition to counseling them as individuals and with their families. Visit for more information on the groups. I very much enjoy working with teens and their families and do a lot of work with adolescents as part of my practice. I have experience with clients who have self-injured, have extreme depression, low self-worth, panic and anxiety, eating disorders and many more issues. I find that the relationship I build with them makes a great impact on their abilities to navigate the harsh world of adolescence. Because of this, I find it important to teach parents how to have a similarly skilled type of relationship with their child, so that they can be the teen's reliable go-to when things get tough. By working with parents and teaching new approaches to addressing issues with their teens, we develop more authentic and effective parenting relationships.

When you come to see me, you will experience a friendly, comforting atmosphere and enjoy a therapist with a sense of humor and a compassionate heart. My office is comfortable and homey and I constantly receive feedback that it is much nicer than they thought a therapist's office should be! I'll be ready for you with a water, coffee or tea, and who knows, maybe some mints! I'm always working on my own personal growth so that I have more to offer my clients. It's hard being brave and asking for help. I find it helps me to have more authentic empathy when I remind myself how it feels to own my problems and humble myself enough to ask for help. At first, it's always a battle, but each time it gets easier to choose help, as evidence builds time after time that it was worth the risk.


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Jemma Coleman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor with a Masters and Specialist Degree from the University of Florida. Jemma is devoted to the Gators and enjoys watching Florida football with her husband. Jemma loves her home in Palm Beach County and all the natural beauty this area has to offer and spending time with her family, friends, and dogs.

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