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Jennifer has extensive experience working with individuals and families around issues associated with trauma.  Trauma, whether is current or historical creates a sense of disequilibrium that can undermine all aspects of a person or family’s life.  Trauma doesn’t have to happen in a sudden flash it can erode a person’s sense of self and safety over time. Just as the Grand Canyon, one of the greatest fissures on the surface of the earth, was created over time, abuse, can erode a person’s sense of safety, well being and control and create a great deal of suffering and pain.  Jennifer works with her clients to address symptoms and issues associated with painful, negating or chaotic family systems.  These issues and symptoms often take the form of  food and other addictions, substance abuse, body dysmorphia, domestic violence, depression, anxiety and personality disorders.


A licensed Social Worker Jennifer holds a Masters in Social Work from University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, as well as a Masters in Specialized Ministry from Iliff School of Theology.  This interdisciplinary training has given Jennifer the benefit of working with clients in many aspects of their lives, from practical skills of better living to deeper more existential questions about their own life’s journey.


In addition to her private practice Jennifer works at Independence house counseling men and women either going in to coming out of Federal Prison.  Jennifer has had the benefit of helping her clients go from the trauma and chaos of prison to a healthier and more stable environment of being housed and employed and part of a more positive community.  Jennifer is also an Adjunct Professor at DU’s Graduate School of Social Work as part of the Trauma and Recovery Teaching Team.


Jennifer has turned her passion for travel, building global communities and surfing into an amazing adventure called Project Lumina. Project Lumina is a small Colorado-based non-profit focused on increasing self-esteem and leadership skills in girls and women throughout Colorado and the world. Project Lumina has partnered with several organizations and people who are also doing work to increase the well-being of people living in and around San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.    As a mother and step mother of four daughters, Jennifer holds a special place in her heart for girls and their relationships with peers and their families. 


Jennifer offers a mix of therapy styles that reflect her world view that every one, not just some of us, all of us, have a spark of divinity within.  How we get to that divinity is part of the process, so whether Jennifer uses, narrative, solution focused or existential psychology as background theory in treatment with her clients, the main intention is that they experience an improved sense of self, a new found ability to speak their truth and better relationships.  

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