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  • Registered Social Worker
  • Unit C-1822 Comox Ave, Comox, British Columbia, V9M 3M7
  • Phone: 250 339 4141
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Jennifer Mansell MSW Therapist and Registered Social Worker

I am a Therapist and Registered Social Worker with the British Columbia College of Social Workers. I have extensive clinical experience working with families, couples and individuals.  I am passionate about working with the parents and adolescents, new mothers and couples in conflict. I use a therapeutic approach that draws from attachment theory, Hakomi therapy (mindfulness-based, body-integrated therapy), narrative therapy and family systems.

I use a mindfulness-based, experiential approach. I believe strongly that you possess the ability to heal. My responsibility as the therapist is to create the container in which healing takes place. My goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment where you can begin to become aware of coping strategies that don't work for you and move into a more conscious way of being. 
Some of the benefits of counselling include:
  • enhanced communication skills
  • increased awareness of problematic coping skills (i.e. self harm, negative thought patterns, substance abuse)
  • increased ability to choose healthy coping strategies
  • increased sense of well-being and balance
  • more authentic, honest relationships
  • more empowered sense of self
  • increased ability to stay present with loved ones
  • decreased conflict and increased harmony in family relationships

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