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  • Online Therapist & Coach, Online Career Counselor
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Online Counseling , Telephonic Counseling, or Online Coaching can help you with your problems immediately. Research has indicated that online counseling or online coaching is very effective and many people have said that they would seek out for this type of help if it is available.  Online Counseling or Telephonic Counseling with me covers a broad spectrum of issues-- some examples are anxiety, depression, fear, uncertainty, relationships, family, career and life transitions, and much more. My background is in psychotherapy and I have worked with clients from all walks of lives. After years of helping people deal with various issues, I have designed a few highly effective counseling and coaching programs including a 90 day confidence coaching program; 120 day total personal transformation counseling program; 90 VIP career counseling program, etc. I can't wait to talk to you over the phone and see if one of these programs are right for you. Please give me a call at 805-380-6308 to request a FREE initial discovery session! 

You may benefit a great deal from online counseling if: You live a very busy life and needs something that will fits in your schedule...You enjoy communicating online and at a place of your choice...You want more privacy than coming to an office where many others in your community could be in the waiting room...​​​​​​​​
Regarding Health Insurance: I am not on any insurance panels and do not bill insurance companies directly. However, if my client requests, I am more than happy to provide a receipt or Super Bill for the client to submit to their insurance company for possible reimbursement. Whether the client gets reimbursed or the amount of reimbursement they are able to get is totally dependent on their health care plan and coverage.  

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