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 I am so glad you are here. Finding a therapist, whether it is your first venture into therapy, or you are a veteran to the field, can be an overwhelming, anxiety provoking, and scary process.
Yet, I believe finding the right therapist can be easier than it might first appear. The beginning of any new venture is always the hardest and you have already begun by researching potential therapists and finding this website. 

If you are struggling with anything in life that feels overwhelming, frustrating and painful, you would probably benefit from therapy.  People seek therapy for a variety of reasons, from losing a loved one to struggling with direction in life.
I offer a safe and nurturing space from which we can explore the reason you are seeking therapy.  I feel that trust and safety are a very important aspect of your healing journey.  I feel honored and privileged to sit with clients and listen to them share their fears, hurts and joys.  Together, we can help you become a happier, healthier you.
I have been involved in the therapeutic community for the past 12 years and I have had a private practice in this field since 2010.  My therapeutic approach is grounded in relational, psycho-dynamic, object relations and interpersonal therapy. These are fancy words for saying that I believe in the power of talking through and
processing your emotions, stories from your early life, your relationship and any patterns you feel are holding you back. Again, it is vital that you feel safe in this process, and so we will go at your pace and explore what feels the most pressing to you. Sometimes that will take us to deep places and other times it will be a time of celebrating your new awareness and changes.

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