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I specialize in treating anxiety and depression from a strength based point of view. Together we can make positive changes.

I have trained and treated depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress successfully for several years.

I have a unique experience working in fields of emergency services. I have first hand experience with emotional trauma.

I use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is based on the premise that emotions are connected to thoughts and behaviours

When people become aware of their thoughts, and substitute realistic ones for unrealistic ones, they can develop new behaviours. Then, emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and relationship issues can be overcome.

Qualifications and fees:
 I have a Master's degree in Clinical Social work. (for additional qualifications, please see personal experience)

Session run for 1 hour. The fee is $100 per session.

Our sessions:
 Our sessions are interactive. This means that we discuss each issue not only from a counseling stance but also from your personal point of view. And that is what matters the most. Despite training, a counselor needs to listen to a client's point of view to get the complete picture of what is occuring in your daily life..
After talking, together we can come up with a plan to enhance your personal experience. 
In the end, a goal of counselling is to enrich the client's, a person's, life. 
 What is your your goal? What do want to achieve? What do you want from a counselling session? This is what we work together to achieve. 
In the end/beginning:
I am known for working well to achieve the goals and outcomes that a  person comes to counselling for. Many clients achieve their goals in only a few sessions. Sometimes only one.
Personal history:
Attained a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours and thesis 2008 (published) University of Windsor.
Attained Master of Social Work degree 2010 (Wayne State University) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
Graduated from Ontario Police College 1977.
Worked with Windsor Police for 3 and a half years.
Worked for Windsor Fire and Rescue Service from 1980 to 2011. Retiring as Captain.
While working with both Police and Fire, I have been actively studying the causes, the effects of depression, anxiety, anger, Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Most importantly I have been involved in study and positive treatment to all of these. I continue to study these issues and am in contact with many many ground breaking researchers and therapists on a regular basis.

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