Joan Marsman, M.Sc. RP, RMFT, RST

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Welcome to my profile.  I have a private practice in West Toronto and in Oakville. My fees can be covered by most work place benefits.   I am a marriage and family therapist bringing over 30 years of clinical experience to my therapy practice. I am a clinical fellow of the Ontario and a Registered Sex Therapist by the Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy and Counselling in Ontario.


The Issues I can be helpful with

Individual Counselling

Childhood abuse










Sex Therapy

Low Desire

Painful Intercourse

Erectile difficulties

Sexual Dissatisfaction


What You Can Expect


During the initial session, I like to meet with the individual or couple and learn about your concerns, the impact on your life and relationship and how you hope that counselling can be helpful.  Together we will formulate goal and strategies.    We start with a joint session to discuss past influences. In couple counselling I like to meet with each of you individually for a session.  Then we collaborate to set goals.


Sex Therapy


Sex Therapy is a unique specialization in the field of psychotherapy.  I endeavor to create a compassionate, respectful environment for my clients to discuss their concerns and difficulties. During the initial session you will be invited to share your concerns.  We may begin to discuss your sexual history and explore what sex means to you.   Together we will find solutions.


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