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Is your child struggling with low frustration tolerance, negativity, anxiety or school difficulties? I love working with children and their parents. I am dedicated to fully understanding each child's individual strengths and weaknesses. I never label children as if they were "a diagnosis" instead of a vibrant, multifaceted human being.

I view medication as a last resort, and believe in combining as many natural approaches as possible to help your child develop the skills to navigate life in an age-appropriate, well-adjusted way. If your child is already taking medication, I will work with you to add in other therapies so that dosages can be kept as low as possible, or even discontinued.

I am trained in a wide variety of child-oriented therapy approaches
, and my style is warm, positive, and encouraging. So much so, that parents usually tell me their children look forward to sessions!

With younger children I often use play therapy to help children express their fears and worries, communicate their needs, develop confidence, overcome frustration, improve impulse control and develop better social skills.

Slightly older children may also be encouraged to make a picture journal of their feelings or difficult life experiences, use art to express themselves, act out interpersonal difficulties as if they were in a play, or practice creative stress relieving exercises that help with better mood regulation and focus.

Adolescents are helped to articulate their feelings, build self-esteem, improve body image (often an issue- especially for girls!) and navigate the difficulties of peer relationships.
I am a strong believer in the importance of the parent-child relationship, and will also help you learn to tailor your parenting responses to your child's specific challenges.
I also frequently work with mothers dealing with parenting stress, insecurities, anxiety and depression. I truly understand how overwhelming parenting can feel, and can help you with life's balancing act.
Please don't hesitate to start the counseling process- I look forward to being of help!

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