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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • 2001 Palm Beach Lakes Blv., Suite 502H, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33409
  • Phone: 561-310-2618
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  • Session Fees: $125.00-$150.00/session

As a counselor and psychotherapist, I will help guide you into exploring the reasons for your innermost struggles. With greater knowledge and understanding of the obstacles that get in your way, you can feel empowered to make different- and better-choices in your life. Our work together can provide you with tools to help change the self-defeating thoughts and cycles of unhealthy behaviors that keep you from achieving your personal goals. By changing your thoughts and learning how to manage complicated feelings in a healthier way, new opportunities have the chance to emerge in your life.  In addition to helping you with self-esteem, anxiety and life transitions, I also work with those who are struggling with addiction issues. As a Certified Addiction Professional, I will guide you in addressing the underlying issues that enable food, alcohol, drug and other addictive behaviors.   Depression, anxiety and guilt often the result when someone is struggling with the pain of addiction. Family, friends and work relationships are often strained and suffering as a result of addiction.  Our work together can help you stop the cycle of addictive behavior and help you create more balance in your life.
In addition, couples counseling can allow you to learn more about yourself and your partner.  Understanding your relationship strengths and growth areas, can bring a greater awareness and insight into what has been causing conflicts in your relationship- or simply, give you and your partner a stronger connection to one another.  Intimacy can sometimes be a challenging area when couples have been together for some time. Our work together can help you to learn to communicate more effectively, find the mutual respect and shared meaning for your relationship once again.
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