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    Are you looking for a therapist/counselor you can truly feel comfortable with? Someone you can feel safe with and really open up to? Studies show that one of the most important things in any successful therapy is the relationship between the client and counselor. It is very important for you to find someone you feel comfortable with and who's personality and therapeutic approach fit your needs.
    As a therapist I am very genuine and open with my clients. I strive to create a safe, non judgmental environment for my clients to explore their issues in, and people often comment on feeling that I am very friendly and approachable. As a male therapist, sometimes this means that I get to provide a reparative experience for my clients. I have worked with many people who have been hurt by men in the past, and I get to be the safe, caring guy who helps people heal from those injuries.
     In therapy I primarily take an attachment perspective. This means that I focus on the impact that important relationships have on our lives, and the basic human need to be loved, supported, and cared for by our loved ones. Aside from providing for our basic needs, it is our parents' job as children to help us feel safe, supported, and loved in the world. When this doesn't happen, we can develop significant problems that can have effects into adulthood. Our relationships as adults function in a similar. Through our partners we seek safety, support, reassurance, and the feeling that somebody has our back. When something happens to threaten this, problems can arise in the relationship and within the individuals. Most problems brought to therapy can be brought back to attachment problems like this. The basic need to feel loved, supported, reassured, and safe in the world, and the fact that without this, we feel shaky, frightened, alone, and unstable.

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