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Are you feeling “stuck” or who are carrying on in a way that might seem ordinary to others but silently struggling with anxiety, depression, loneliness, or a diminished sense of meaning and purpose.  Perhaps lack of love, an unfulfilling job, family disagreements, or stress are getting in the way of living a full and happy life.  If so, I can help.  
 In addition to those areas listed above, I have helped those dealing with substance abuse, divorce, grief, major life changes, anger, and issues related to leaving/changing faiths. 
 There are many benefits to starting therapy and it can bring about change that might not be possible outside of the counseling setting.  Here are a few benefits: 1) A counselor is someone who can listen and provide unbiased feedback from an entirely neutral perspective.  This is hard to find within our network of family and friends.  Manytimes, powerful relief can come from just having someone to talk to. 2) Counseling is confidential, which means you can explore issues and open up about problems in a safe and secure setting that ensures the things you share won’t “get around”.  3) Counseling can help you further self-awareness.  By exploring patterns, unresolved issues from the past, environmental factors, and strengths and weaknesses, you’ll learn more about yourself and why you do some of the things you do.  And 4) Counseling allows for a level of accountability that will help ensure follow-through as it relates to the positive changes you are hoping to make. Often times, we know some of the things we should start doing to promote growth, but don’t have anyone holding us accountable. A counselor you trust can be that person.  
 I am Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Tampa, Florida and have 5 years of total experience in the Mental Health field. I received my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University in 2013 and I utilize a broad range evidence-based strategies that include identifying negative thought patterns that lead to distress and identifying effective solutions. As a part of overall wellness, I promote healthy/active living as a way of achieving full mental health benefits. 
 I understand that asking for professional help can be difficult, so I aim to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible! My office is a safe and confidential judgment-free zone.  Instead of a directive approach, mycounseling style is collaborative.  It involves working with you – at a pace you’re comfortable with - to identifybarriers to happiness/success and effective solutions to problems.
 I believe that a good therapist/client match is important, so once we connect, I’ll provide a free brief consultation to ensure working with me will be a good fit. We will then schedule your first appointment. My office (located in Tampa, FL near Kennedy and Westshore) is in a 2 room suite that includes a comfortable, quiet, low-traffic waiting area. During the first appointment,  we’ll get to know one another, talk more about the reasons you decided to seek counseling, and begin establishing goals towards positive growth and change!  Between sessions, you may be asked to practice learned skills, behaviors, or ways of thinking that will help reinforce some of the things discussed during visits.  

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