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Psychotherapy is a safe and private place to explore the issues preventing you from living a more productive, meaningful, happier life. I'm aware that it takes an incredible amount of courage to walk into a therapy room and share things that require great vulnerability - Relationships. Trauma. Anxiety. Depression. Guilt/Shame. Life Transitions. Identity. Marriage and Family Issues. Life is complex, and hard at times. I am direct and honest, while honoring your feelings and values. Whatever you're facing, I look forward to exploring these with you, to feel better and find a clearer sense of self.
 My style is compassionate and collaborative, ensuring that you feel heard and cared for. I've found also that sensitively inserted humor is often infinitely helpful. Through empathetic, active listening I encourage you to explore the present moment, the past which informs it, and work toward making desired changes in your life.

For over 17 years my career has included psychotherapy with individuals and families throughout the social spectrum, program administration in the non-profit sector, and concrete social services. I have extensive experience with acute symptomology including in and out-patient behavioral health systems, substance use treatment, and family based social service systems.
The areas of my specialization include:
●Family and couples therapy including new parenthood, divorce and infidelity
●Grieving and bereavement including exploration of end of life issues
●Depression and malaise including loneliness and disconnection
●Exploration of identity and sexuality
●Anxiety disorders including obsessive compulsive disorder, panic, and post-traumatic stress
●Assessments related to psychiatric functioning and collaboration with treatment providers

I believe that empathic failure is the root of much of what ails us. Feeling disconnected, misunderstood, contradicted, alone, stigmatized - whether having started recently or if the seeds had been planted long ago, is often resultant from a failure of others or ourselves to make genuine empathic connection with our support systems. In this way, in coming to therapy, it is my single most important job to ensure that that connection is sought and sustained; that here, in this space at least, you can be seen for who you are, what you’re feeling and what you think, while being accepted, understood, and cared about. There may be many angles from which to examine or work on our lives, but working towards that empathic connection and understanding is the base from which the work begins.

Empathy is not a feeling, unlike sympathy. Empathy is vicarious introspection; an exploratory activity to feel and understand the others experience. All of our issues come in the context of our history; what we’ve learned, how we have learned, our feeling in the moment as well as more generaly, and in the context of our goals and what we would like to achieve. Intimately tied to this, of course, is our sense of self, ego strength and identity. So where as there are tools that we can use to address what to do in the instance you feel or are pulled in a certain way, ultimately its the “why" that needs to be addressed. 
People have reported coming back because they feel cared about and heard. It is an incredible honor to be trusted to hear what is most personal to my clients - not just trusted to keep a secret, but to connect with what you are saying, to seek understanding, to share in your experience.

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