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I am the developer of Homeostasis Psychology, a powerful new framework and therapeutic method that has been extremely effective in helping people overcome a wide variety of distressing issues, including drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression.
Homeostasis Psychology, which is based on a large body of cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology, suggests that nearly all psychological disorders, including alcohol and drug abuse, are ultimately due to literal 'emotional' addictions to, for example, anger, guilt, anxiety, or emotional pain. Although these emotional states are unpleasant, they can become unconsciously rewarding or reinforcing in the brain under certain circumstances, leading to highly destructive consequences. Such emotional addictions can themselves represent painful psychological issues, such as anxiety disorders and depression, or they can indirectly lead to further issues, such as substance abuse. Helping clients overcome these core, underlying emotional addictions is the focus of my therapy, and I have found over and over that this is the key to all psychological healing.
I am also a certified therapist in Advanced Integrative Therapy, a comprehensive body-centered therapy that systematically traces the origin of various traumatic experiences and 'clears' the painful emotional charge arising from those experiences. This is a core method that I use to diminish or eradicate painful emotional responses that can linger  within a person's mind and body.
I am an Assistant Adjunct Professor in Psychology at New York University and write a blog for Psychology Today. Iam also the primary author of two books, and have written many professional articles on a variety of topics.


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