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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 129 Park St. NE Suite C., Vienna, Virginia, 22180
  • Phone: 703-999-5567
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  • Session Fees: Initial Session $150 (60 min) Sessions $125 (60min) // Online $125(60min)
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Webcam

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Having seen a lot in my life, I am nevertheless daily amazed by the stories I hear in my office. People have such interesting, encouraging and traumatic stories to tell. These stories give meaning to our lives. I help people explore their stories, heal, and grow within them. My approach goes beyond the relief of distressing symptoms to help you thrive as an individual and within relationships. Call me and let's get started exploring your life, finding your strengths, dealing with unpleasant memories, and making the changes you wish to make to better yourself and your relationships.
Seeking help from a counselor can be a confusing and possibly a fearful endeavor. Generally, there are six reasons people do not seek help - treatment fears, fear of emotions, anticipated risk, self-disclosure, social norms, and self-esteem. All of these reasons are valid; they are there to help establish boundaries-boundaries which may have been violated in the past while at the same time make seeking help even more difficult in the present.

My hope is this bio gives you a brief idea of who I am. If you have any questions, please ask.
Counseling since 2006 and licensed in 2009, I work with my wife who is an LPC with 30 years experience. Before entering the counseling profession, I worked in several other occupations which gives me a broad range of understanding of people's lives. Both Janet and I experienced challenging childhoods. Janet lost her father to a heart attack when she was 11, and I lost my mother to suicide when I was 18. We experienced failures and successes, family challenges and support, and we are grateful for the knowledge of His presence in our lives through all of it. These and other events inform our understanding of suffering and freedom and how both can be transformational processes.
Doctorate of Ministry in leadership and spiritual formation (Portland Seminary).
Masters in counseling (Regent University).
Masters in psychology with a specialty in health (Walden University).
I have several fields of interest which I will name a few.
I treat men, women, and teen boys with sexual integrity concerns.
I work with couples.
I work with adults and adolescents with anxiety, depression, grief, personality concerns, attention issues, and spiritual concerns.
How I work:
I incorporate family systems theory (even with individuals), EMDR, education, and Christian worldview and values to help individuals and couples discover and experience the fullness of God's work in their lives.

My wife and I are both licensed counselors. Being married and counselors give us an extraordinary opportunity to explore the dynamics between husband and wife. Also, we approach counseling with a Christian worldview of grace and forgiveness.

In addition to seeing people in our two offices, I see people through a HIPAA compliant online video chat.
Contact me, and let's get started. 

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