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I have two Master's degrees in counselling and three years of clinical experience. I also have post-graduate training in EMDR and CBT, two of the most empirically-validated and effective forms of therapy.
I'm passionately dedicated to my growth as a person and a professional, and to that end I've practiced mindfulness meditation for ten years, studied under a number of psychological and spiritual masters, and lived in monasteries around the world. In order to offer my clients the highest standard of therapy, I continuously engage in post-graduate education, professional consultation, and self-directed study.
Into my early twenties, I struggled with severe anxiety and depression. After experiencing how counselling transformed my most profound difficulties into sources of creativity, compassion, and joy, I committed myself to helping others to do the same. I've come to believe that all people, no matter how battered or lost they may seem, are capable of healing and leading satisfying, joyful lives.
I moved to Waterloo from Victoria in 2011, and in his spare time he loves being outdoors, reading, dancing, travelling, writing, making epic karaoke performances, and eating nachos.
My approach to counselling is to help you manage day-to-day stressors while uncovering and working through your core issues. Ultimately, the goal of our work together is not simply to help you cope, but to empower you to live a more satisfying life of authenticity, freedom, and happiness.

I specialize in blending the best insights of CBT, EMDR, and Family Systems Therapy. As a Registered Social Worker, my services are covered by most extended health plans, and I offer a free 30-minute consultation. Check out for more detailed information on me and my practice.

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