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Are you feeling lonely and misunderstood in your marriage/couple relationship? Disconnected? Unloved? Not valued? Have you lost your spark?

Do you want to feel loved, understood, and secure with your partner? Do you want to know that your partner is truly there for you? And you for them? That you are on the same team ? Not enemies? Not just roomates?

Intimate relationships are among the most challenging experiences we face. They are also among the most fullfilling, joyful, and enriching processes we undertake.  Even amidst pain and disconnection, my experience is that two committed partners can heal wounds, build trust, and develop a secure and emotionally deep connection.

I am an intimate relationship psychologist, with over 20 years experience, specializing in marital/couples psychotherapy. I work to set an open, safe, collaborative, compassionate, and understanding place for couples to repair wounds, regain trust, and create an emotionally experienced securely bonded connection.

Within this atmosphere, we will work together to "slow down" and explore  painful repetitive mutually-triggered cycles that seem out of control. These cycles are then understood as unwittingly developed obstacles to true intimacy that occur in all couples. The cycle, then, rather than the partner is to blame for the disconnection, and you can learn to stop blaming each other.

Together we will understand deeper emotions and interpretations of yourself and your partner that drive hurtful behaviors. Old disconnecting patterns can be changed. You may then be able to convey yourselves in an authentic and transparent manner which can leave both of you feeling more securely loved and more deeply understood.

This transformation can be  sustainable, as well as sustaining, for your connected intimate relationship which you may then trust to withstand the inevitable pains and ruptures that occur in any loving long term committed relationship.

I know that intimate committed relationships truly have the power to heal wounds, to empower emotional growth, engender wisdom, and ultimately unfold a deep union with self, partner, and all of life itself.

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