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Anxiety & Trauma Care For Individuals: Mind-Body Response Therapy is about creating an integrated experience between the mind and body while under stress. Many mental health and physical illness issues are rooted in the presence of high muscle tension in the body. How you process situations, make decisions and respond to challenges is deeply connected to the muscular body tension levels present within your body. Think of tension as a fragmenting presence that disrupts the connections between your mind, body and soul, which leaves you in a reactionary response state. This process leads to high levels of anxiety and tension related physical problems like headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, etc.

Addressing this problem requires a dynamic approach. Tension in the body is often rooted in parts of the fear activation regions of the brain remaining active, even when a fight or flight circumstance is not present. A person with a traumatic background often experiences this and benefits from trauma deactivation through Mind-Body Response Therapy.

Your mind and body possess incredible processes that activate healing. My practice specializes in focusing on the physiological and cognitive activation of these processes leading to a journey to restored physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Trauma In Marriage

Couples do not realize that at times their marriage struggles not because of them, but because one of both have unresolved trauma in their background.  What this reveals is that perceived marriage problems, are not actually the problem but the symptom.  The unresolved trauma of one or both begins to surface and places confusing and undefined stress on the marriage, leaving both discouraged and believing their struggles in life are due to a failing marriage.  

My practice also offers marriage work that goes into the underlying trauma issues as they are discovered during relationship work.  This offers immense healing as husband and wife are free from seeing each other as the problems and the marriage as doomed.

When a couple arrives at this level of awareness in their marriage, the relationship can become compassion saturated and also act as a refuge and source of healing from past traumas.  When there is co-awareness of the presence of trauma, I am able to use Mind-Body Response resources to teach the couple how to not act and react out of trauma responses.  When this new dynamic process is in place,  significant progress in the relationship occurs and chronic states of resentment and polarization begin to resolve.

Dealing with trauma is so incredibly important in a marriage, as trauma begets trauma and when misunderstood and left uncovered, is a common cause for many, many relationships coming to a traumatizing end. This leaves the husband and wife often re-traumatized, and if children are a part of the family, the trauma will most likely be handed to the next generation.

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