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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 34 Forrest Street, Mill Valley, California, 94941
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The author of The Heart of Relationship: Five Ultimate Truths for Understanding the Couple Relationship, Jonathan is one of the Bay area’s foremost couples therapists. A graduate of NYU’s Masters Program in Social Work, he is licensed in CA, NY and CT.  After 30 years of experience with thousands of clients and 45 years of meditation practice, as well as having trained with many of the world's foremost therapists and spiritual teachers, he now is himself a master therapist.
Highly pragmatic and pro-active, Jonathan specializes in couples therapy, most often working in tandem with this partner, the psychologist Barbara Carroll, MA.  He is also masterful in the use of various forms of trance, cognitive-behavioral work as well as his own brand of creative work.  He has developed and synthesized his therapeutic practice from a very broad spectrum of  approaches, 

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