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  • Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Counsellor, Supervisor
  • #28 -1089 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 1E5
  • Phone: (604) 739-3010
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  • Session Fees: My usual fee is $150.00 per session. Reduced rates are available for those in need.
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About Joseph


Joseph Eliezer‘s earliest childhood memories were moments of acknowledging and acting on his intuition. This helped him to understand the importance of listening to the self and assisted him to discover meaning in the world around him. It also sent him on a journey to understand how intuition works and how consciousness can impact our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  

In his early 20s, Joseph was introduced to a Kabbalistic mystic who exposed him to various philosophies on personal and spiritual awareness. This awakened Joseph to the idea that spiritual principles and insights could transform people’s lives. Sharing this information ignited his passion to be of service to others. As a result, Joseph devoted himself to the study of spiritual psychology and by his mid-30s became a Pipe Carrier in the First Nations tradition and expanded his knowledge in Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism and other spiritual schools. He then combined these teachings and began speaking and writing on personal and spiritual growth at public seminars, the Internet and in the media.

In the early part of the century, Joseph’s attention turned from spiritual to mainstream psychology when he began his formal training in the counselling psychology field. Beginning in 2003, he worked as an addictions counsellor in the poorest and drug-plagued Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC. He would serve this population for 8 years and progressed to head addictions counsellor and then clinic director at an outpatient Addictions/Infectious Disease clinic.

During this time, Joseph became well-connected to the local medical community, meeting regularly with counsellors, physicians and psychiatrists, some of whom, in addition to practising medicine, studied depth psychology. In 2007, Joseph began his studies with the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society to further his education and understanding of the human psyche. It was here that Joseph first heard the word intuition used in the medical context. That’s when he knew he’d found himself.

In September 2010, Joseph’s first book, Simply Spirit: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Clarity, One Insight at a Time, was released and went to #1 on Described as “cutting edge” and “deeply insightful”, the book is now available in paperback and as an e-book worldwide. It has been endorsed by the BC Cancer Society, BBC Persia and other organizations, and is often found in waiting areas at doctors' and therapists' offices because of its ability to soothe, offer hope and provide answers and companionship.

In 2012, Joseph earned the designation of Master Practitioner of Counselling Psychology (MPCP) and Clinical Supervisor as registered with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and became one of few counsellors in BC honoured with the Guest Member status at the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society – Western Branch. In 2014, he received the Master Therapeutic Counsellor certification (MTC) from the Association of Cooperative Counsellors of Canada.

Today, Joseph continues to help people in his private practice and with his writing. He delivers public talks on intuition and mental health, and he fosters a sense of warmth and community through various groups and organizations in the Metro Vancouver area.


Working with Joseph


Taking yourself into therapy is an act of faith and courage. It is also a strong declaration to yourself and to the world that says yes, I am worthy of something better.

As a therapist with over 13 years of experience, Joseph Eliezer is acutely aware of the importance of receiving you respectfully and treating you with dignity.

When you come to his centrally-located discreet office, or meet him on line, you will be greeted with a reassuring smile and a warm welcome. During the first session, you will get the chance to discuss what has been burdening you and how you would like to change your life.

As you and Joseph spend time together, you will become more comfortable discussing the deeper and less obvious parts of what’s on your mind without fear of being judged or persecuted. Accompanied by Joseph, you will delve deeper into the layers of what’s troubling you, helping you to experience relief from anxiety and stress.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is unique in that it is designed to explore the underlying reasons for your unwanted behaviours, difficult emotions and confusing thoughts. Processing these various aspects of yourself will help you to feel more whole, centered within yourself and ready to engage with the world and others in more meaningful ways.  

Being with Joseph, you will know what it is to feel seen, heard and understood. His commitment to you, your process and your need for clarity is what he considers to be the cornerstone of the counselling relationship.

Successful therapy with Joseph will help you transform:

      • Chaos into understanding
      • Anxiety into peace of mind
      • Anger into kindness
      • Isolation into connections
      • Conflict into reason
      • Heartache into joy

The goal of therapy is and always should be to help you become a stronger, calmer and wiser self so that your need for therapy ceases. Joseph is here to help you realize your goal so that the benefits of working with him continue to strengthen long after your work together has ended.

Email or call Joseph today at (604) 739-3010 to arrange your initial consultation.     




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