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I specialize in saving marriages and relationships.  As a counselor with over 15 years of experience, I know how to respectfully guide you both together into a happier relationship. You can end the same old arguments that leave you feeling tired and hopeless. You can get back the love you once had, and then find even more.

The approach I use, Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling, has been proven by current research to be the most effective form of couples counseling available. You will move through a 3-stage process that stops the stress and struggle, bringing you into more closeness and ease with each other, often only taking a few months.

So how does my approach turn your conflicts into love?  Simply put, you learn to be more honest and real with each other in ways that bring you together instead of push you apart. You become closer through your differences instead of arguing over them. Easier said than done, right? Perhaps your arguments seem TOO honest and real at times. Well, that is where I come in to guide you. Once you learn this way, it stays with you, as you both feel understood and loved for who you are. Then you can find more peace, passion, and fun together.

Most relationships go through tough times. The hurt and mistrust can feel overwhelming at times. Having helped many couples, I know that it's very possible for you to get out of your painful patterns and find the trust and love you want.

Give me a call today to find out how I might help your relationship. I'd be glad to answer your questions, or set up an appointment or free 10-minute phone consultation.


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