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My ideal client is someone who wants to examine their life, beliefs, behavior patterns, and relationships in order to work towards living a life where their choices and values are aligned. Potential clients of mine may recognize that something is missing in their life, or they are feeling stuck. You may feel as if you know where you want to be but don't know how to get out of your own way. You might feel as if the stresses of everyday life, job, relationships are just too much to bear. Potential clients may also benefit from utilizing the therapeutic benefits of nature to help in their wellness journey.Beyond traditional therapeutic modalities and talk therapy, I specialize in outdoor/nature/eco-therapy. My practice is run through a nonprofit called Greatwoods Nature Inc, a private 28-acre outdoor nature preserve and garden. In-person sessions will be held at the park and would utilize the healing power of nature in tandem with traditional talk therapy.Times are really hard right now and stress is at an all time high. Many of us are feeling isolated and constantly stuck in front of screens. I invite you to reach out and schedule a free-consultation, change things up, and get outside. Together, we can try to move towards a life of growth, healing, and reconnection to your values.

About Me and Greatwoods Nature:

Josh comes to Greatwoods Nature after working as a therapist for a wilderness therapy program. Starting first as a field instructor, Josh developed a passion for the therapeutic benefits of being in the natural world as he watched his clients grow and improve. After two years as a field instructor, he pursued a master’s degree in clinical mental health and counseling from Western North Carolina University. During this time, Josh had the opportunity to work with young men and veterans in recovery at the Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville, NC. He also developed and led a therapy group focused on fatherhood. But the wilderness kept calling. After receiving his master’s degree, Josh returned to the wilderness therapy program where he had gotten his start – this time as a wilderness therapist. 

“Wilderness therapy is incredible and helps so many families in crisis,” Josh says, “but the biggest obstacle is access.” It can be expensive to send kids out into remote woodlands for a period of weeks. “Greatwoods Nature allows me to bring the benefits of wilderness therapy to a much broader community in the form of day trips, regular programming, and events. Instead of camping out in a different part of the state for two months, we might be spending an hour or two caring for our honeybees or learning survival skills. It’s part therapy, part recreation, but on a scale that’s manageable for people who want to take a little time out of their week to stop, ground themselves, and have fun in nature.”

Josh is thrilled to bring this experience home to Greatwoods Nature. “Having the opportunity to bring my passion for wilderness-based therapy – the therapeutic aspect of being in a natural space – back to my community in Charlotte, it’s really meaningful.”


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