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  • Counsellor / Psychotherapist
  • 17-595 Clifton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3G 2X5
  • Phone: 204-995-2735
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  • Session Fees: Session (55 minutes): $75.00 - Individuals | $55.00 - Students || Session (80 minutes): $ 100.00 - Couples, Family

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100% Free Initial Consultation (50 minutes)

You need not be alone in your struggle and pain any longer; I am here to help you! Yes, there's hope!

I am happy to work with you to help you experience and maintain the change you want in your situation.
  • Studies and personal experience show that counselling and psychotherapy are effective 
  • Medication may relief symptoms
  • Counselling and psychotherapy help change thoughts processes underlying distressing symptoms 

Effective counselling and psychotherapy require
  • Therapist: Competent - skilled, honest, empathic, caring, understanding, and supportive therapist
  • Client(s): Hopeful, open, willing, motivated, and consistent client
  • Relationship: Honest, trusting, and respectful relationship between therapist and client

Because I am diligent in applying the skills and attitudes necessary for effective treatment, your response is important in determining the success of our work together!
That you can achieve what you want is what makes me hopeful and excited about working with you!
I provide
  • Individual counselling and psychotherapy
  • Couples counselling
  • Family counselling 

[About me]
I hold a Masters Degree (MA) in Counselling Psychology. I am also half-way through Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) program.
I am a hands-on down-to-earth counsellor and psychotherapist. I enjoy the challenge of simplifying complex material and developing applicable approaches that closely match the unique qualities and situations of the people I work with. Practical application leading to change is central to my work. 
My wife and I have been married 32 years. We have three adult children, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. I enjoy talking with my wife and children--for hours on end, repairing broken stuff, and working on the farm!
My beliefs about people inform the approaches I use in my work.
Worth and Dignity Every person is of infinite worth and has inherent dignity. People who embrace personal worth and dignity thrive in life and relationships. 
Uniqueness Every person is an individual with a unique set of experiences, beliefs, perceptions, expectations, and aspirations. Self acceptance is the basis for confidence, growth, effectiveness, and healthy relationships.
Resourcefulness People have inherent resources. They have the capacity to generate ideas and opinions about what they want, and abilities and will power to achieve their goals.
Goal- and growth-oriented Normally human behaviour is directed toward achieving specific individual and corporate goals for self-preservation and enhancement, or for others' well-being. Goals foster organization and help people realize their expectations. 
Responsibility Normally people are capable of initiating actions aimed at preserving and enhancing personal worth and dignity, and promoting the same attributes in others. Responsibility promotes effective living.
Control Normally people are capable of regulating personal feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and actions. People are most effective when they exercise appropriate control over their response to changing circumstances.
Complexity People are complex. They are physical and spiritual; have feelings and intellect; and are embedded in interpersonal relationships, culture, and environment. Spirituality is of great significance to people across all cultures.
Safety As safe environment facilitates the exploration, experience, and expression of the pain underlying an individual's concern, and supports the change process. I, therefore, strive to establish and maintain a relationship based on respect, acceptance, sincerity, empathy, care, and support.
Holistic I work  with people to help them increase their awareness of personal, relational, cultural, and environmental factors that underlie and those that maintain their situation. I also focus on these factors in the development of resources that support the change process.
Specific Based on the uniqueness of individuals and their perceptions and interpretation of their situations, I regard every individual as the expert in their experiences and start my work with them from their perspective.
Integrative Concerns in people's lives often have multiple causes, and complicating and maintaining factors. Therefore, from a wide range of research-validated treatment methods, I select and apply the most appropriate methods for each situation. I also integrate theology and psychology for people who want faith-based interventions.   
Collaborative Change is the result of an individual's engagement. I, therefore, join individuals in the activities that promote change: envisioning the future they desire; setting realistic and achievable goals; developing skills, strategies, and resources; and supporting them in the change process. I also consult with relevant care providers, such as physicians and psychiatrists, and make referrals where necessary in order to foster holistic well-being.
Efficiency I am committed to developing and providing effective interventions to ensure timely achievement of treatment goals.
I offer
  • Therapeutic relationship: Supportive, empathic, and caring relationship to facilitate recovery
  • Efficiency: Thorough assessment, effective treatment approaches, development of adjunct supports, exercises 
  • Holistic approach: Care for the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational 
  • Collaborative approach: Interaction with other care providers to optimize recovery
  • Crisis support: Free consultation during crises

Master of Arts, Counselling Psychology
PsyD (Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology) In progress
[Professional Affiliation]
Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists (PACCP), Associate Professional Counsellor 


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