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Hello! My name is Josiah.

I love helping people with their problems. I understand the confusion, the frustration, the stress, the loss, or the hopelessness sudden or persistent difficulties may be causing in your life.

My joy comes from seeing people thrive rather than survive; flourish rather than stagnate; and develop the full potential for living rather than regress. That is what I desire for you!

I work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families to help them manage the challenges that confront them and seek help to overcome. So, I am happy to help you and your loved ones.

I provide a safe, respectful, accepting, caring, and supporting environment for people to confidently explore their challenges, connect with their loss and desire, and express their need.

I strive to listen with understanding. I want to share in your experience to understand your challenge so that you and I can develop strategies that are effective in managing the situation.

I am committed to ongoing development of effective helping skills. I have a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. Currently, I am in a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology.

Get the help you need—it’s OK!

The thought of seeking help may arouse feelings of inadequacy, weakness, inferiority, or shame. These are just feelings! Getting help is to embrace one’s humanity and liveness!

We seek help because we love and treasure ourselves, are courageous, and have a desirable future that we must attain! You have worthwhile goals. So, get all the help you need!

We all have limited resources. So, when the demands of our situations outweigh our current resources, we get overwhelmed, do not function well, and experience difficulties.

Situations associated with depletion of one’s resources include some positive experiences, such as a new relationship, marriage, birth of a baby, new job, or promotion. Other situations include negative experiences, such as difficulty relationship, the death of a loved one, loss of employment, or sudden or chronic illness. 
I will help you identify the underlying drains of your resources and develop effective strategies for plugging those drains, develop skills for identifying and developing extra resources for change and ongoing growth, and identify and correct self-defeating patterns.

So, if you are unsure about seeking help, or want to know how I might help in your situation, please contact me, and I will be happy to respond. I look forward to working with you!
Worth and Dignity Every person is of infinite worth and has inherent dignity. People who embrace personal worth and dignity can thrive in life and relationships. 
Uniqueness Every person has a unique set of experiences, beliefs, perceptions, expectations, and aspirations. Self acceptance is the basis for confidence, growth, effectiveness, and healthy relationships.
Resourcefulness Except in the case of significant intellectual disability or mental disorder, people have inherent resources and the capacity to generate ideas and opinions about what they want.
Goal-orientation Except in the case of significant intellectual disability or mental disorder, behaviour is purposive. A person's behaviour is always directed toward a desired end, either the enhancement of the self or others, or the diminishment of the self or others. 
Responsibility Except in the case of significant intellectual disability or mental disorder, people can engage in actions for which they can be held accountable, and which enhance their wellbeing and that of others.  
Control Except in the case of significant intellectual disability or mental disorder, people can regulate personal feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and actions.
Complexity People are complex. They are physical and spiritual, have feelings and intellect, and are embedded in interpersonal relationships, culture, and the environment. Spirituality is central to meaning-making. 
Safety As safe counselling environment helps a person explore, experience, and express the reactions associated with his or her problem, and supports the change process. I strive to establish and maintain an accepting, respectful, caring, sincere, empathic and supportive relationship. 
Holistic Problems are the product of a complex interaction of factors. Therefore, I explore the effects of mental, emotional, physical, interpersonal, cultural, spiritual, and environmental factors in a person's experience. 
Specific Every person is unique. Therefore, I strive to identify and consider the person's strengths in developing strategies for managing his or her problem situation. So the interventions are specific for the person. 
Integrative Because of the complex interaction of factors in a person's problem situation, I combine a variety of approaches or therapies, such as Cognitive, Behavioural, Existential, Narrative, Emotional, Multi-cultural, and Interpersonal to enhance positive outcomes.
Collaborative I embrace the capacity for people to make choices and take actions that promote personal growth. Therefore, I work with people to help them make the changes they desire in their problem situation. I also work with other health care providers, such as physicians and psychiatrists, to enhance a person's overall wellbeing.  
Efficiency I strive to develop the most effective strategies and to provide the support necessary for people to achieve their goals for counselling or psychotherapy as soon as they are able. 
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