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  • Licensed Counselling Therapist
  • 281 Restigouche Rd #213, Oromocto, New Brunswick, E2V 2H2
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      281 Restigouche Rd #213
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I am thrilled that you are taking the steps to finding help to improve how you are feeling. My passion for helping others work toward feeling better, stems from my health struggles in my twenties. I was lucky to find a professional that was knowledgeable, supportive, and helped me to make changes to improve my health. I want that for you!
I help teens and adults struggling with depression, anger, anxiety, and eating disorders. I was a high school teacher for 18 years and witnessed first-hand many of the struggles teens face. This was the determining factor to pursue my passion for counselling and health coaching – helping teens feel better!  
Working with me, whether teen or adult, provides a safe, non-judgmental space where you have the support you need to discuss the issues in your life.

During the first session, which can be overwhelming and awkward for many, time is taken to go over any questions you may have, to get to know you, to listen to what you are struggling with, and to determine, together, the best route for you. Working together is important and an individual approach is taken based on your needs and goals. With individualized therapy, you find help and meaning in the sessions – as well as in the homework that is assigned.
I offer a unique approach to my clients, in that, both counselling and/or health coaching are an option. Many people enjoy this duo as it provides a dual role in helping you heal your entire body, both mentally and physically. There are many instances where lifestyle changes are needed to improve how you are feeling, and many of these changes to your lifestyle seem impossible to accomplish alone. It is why, depending on what is discovered, coaching is also an option for the therapeutic process.
If you are a teen or an adult seeking a counsellor and/or health coach that works with you, helps and motivates you to make changes to improve your mental and/or physical health, and that is non-judgmental and supportive then get in touch with me today. Having reservations and feeling anxious about seeking help is normal and understandable so contact me and we can talk. 

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