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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • #204-4480 W.Saanich Rd , Victoria, British Columbia, V8Z 3E9
  • Phone: 250 881-1806
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  • Session Fees: Individual session $110.00 Couples session $120.00. Family Session $130.00

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Joyce Barwis is a Masters Level Registered Clinical Counsellor providing the support you need to make significant, fundamental, and lasting change in your life. With over 35 years of practice behind her, Joyce can help you in all areas of your life and is certified for clinical practice in the areas of trauma, family therapy, and mental health and addictions.

With Joyce, you will discover a supportive environment that allows you to restore faith in yourself and dignity in your life. She has a strong and proven record that demonstrates her ability to embrace and promote respect for the culture and human diversity as part of her personalized approach to counselling.

Your social and cultural background plays an important role and Joyce looks at these important life experiences as part of your healing process.  Her ability to understand these aspects of your life contribute to building a trusting, non-judgmental relationship that is mutually respectful.

Research has shown that stress, pain, and emotions are connected. When you are given the opportunity to understand how your thoughts and emotional responses can affect your overall health and state of well being you can learn how to improve the quality of your life.

Events both physical and emotional can change the function of your brain and nervous system. This affects your muscles, digestion, blood pressure and other bodily systems. Because these changes occur on a neuro-psychological level you are not conscious of them. You then continue to repeat unhealthy patterns that affect your daily life in negative ways.

Joyce can help you improve and develop healthy patterns of response that improve the quality of your life. Joyce provides counselling using evidence-based therapies to help you embark on finding the strength and self- awareness required to start the healing process.

Clinical counselling can help to rebalance your life with many positive results allowing you to increase your ability to respond to challenging events with flexibility and resilience.

 Joyce offers a safe environment to start the healing process. Whether you are facing a major change in your life, dealing with emotional traumas or having difficulty coping with depression, anxiety, stress or grief, Joyce offers a safe environment to start the healing process. Online booking is available at

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