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I have 20+ years in the caring field and I found it is not uncommon as human beings that when we suffer a traumatic event or encounter life stressors that our entire world unravels as well. We find ourselves out of sorts and change is needed to get out lives back in order as well as process the pain. My passion is to help you get your life back on track, heal, and be emotionally whole. I assist my clients to gain insight into their strengths to reach mental wellness as well as sort through the areas of change.  My passion is to help all individuals and families thrive. I am a bio-mom and a stepmother so I understand the daily struggles of each, the happy and the painful side of it as well as the high percentage of failure too. I also have a heart for gender-questioning or transitioning individuals. 
I specialize in anxiety, depression, Step or blended families, couples from second marriages, step-mothers, Transgender, or Gender?'s, adults, couples, parents of special needs, families, Families of suicide, women in transition, and grief and loss. My passion is that every family and individual discover the peace they deserve in life. Confidential video conferences are available.
I have been caring for people for most of my adult life. I have been in the medical field for the past 20+ years and have worked in trauma for most of that time. I have been there to help these individuals put their lives back together. I have been entrusted with many peoples deepest secrets as I have a genuine heart for people and they can feel this. 
A little about me, My name is Joyce, and I am a contractor working at !st Priority Institute for
Better Living in Denver, Colorado as well as starting my own private practice
in Parker Colorado Called, “A Better You Today Counseling” I have a Masters in
the Art of Counseling from Colorado Christian University and I am a Member of Chi Sigma Iota. One of my passions is to to help step or blended families thrive. I am a bio-mom and a stepmother so
I understand the daily struggles. The happy times and the painful side of it
too. I have 2 step daughters age 14 and I have been married to dad for almost 6
years. I have been in my bonus daughters lives for 9 years. I know how it feels to be
apart of a family that started long before I came into the picture. I know the
feeling of not being close to the children and struggling with the guild society puts on us as step-mothers.
One survey from 2016 shows “Just 57 percent of stepmothers recorded a good relationship with their stepchildren” in contrast, “91 percent who reported good relationships with their own children”
How can we create stronger bonds and maintain our sanity?
Have you ever felt like you did not belong and wish you had someone to talk to that understood?
Coming to counseling is the first step in your journey to complete mental wellness and happiness.  

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