Joyce Li, PMP, MCC

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Joyce Li   PMP, MCC

Counsellor and Life Coach

Office: Mississauga

Life is a journey; make all of it count!

Specializing: Individuals, Couples, Families and Group Counselling, Relationships, Marriage, Parenting, Work-Life Balance, Stress, Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Midlife Issues, Meaning Crisis, Career Reinvention, End of Life Resolution, Life Transition (Marriage Preparation, Job Loss, Separation, Divorce Recovery)

Why Seek Counselling?


Welcome or not, change is a fact of life. Change may pose some degree of threat to most of us, be it a life transition, loss, separation, etc. Whether you are at the crossroads of critical choices, in the midst of emotional despair suffering from anxiety, depression, anger, grief, or simply want to speak with a professional to sort through overwhelming issues, I am here for you.


As your counsellor, I will provide the necessary support that you require to overcome your present challenges. You will be able to find light in tough situations. Hardships and setbacks in life have the potential to make us stronger and more resilient. I will walk alongside you on this journey to positive changes.

Individual Therapy with Joyce


I adopt an integrated and holistic approach to therapy which involves the concept of acceptance, understanding, and commitment, meaning-making and re-telling of one’s story. When you come for individual counselling, I will support you through your journey towards healing and growth by applying interventions that are most appropriate for your circumstances. I will respect your views and feelings; together, we’ll seek understanding of your anxiety, depression, hurts, disappointments, fears, frustrations, compulsions, traumatic experiences, etc. and explore ways to turn brokenness to blessings.


Couple Therapy with Joyce


Each person comes with his/her unique strengths, weaknesses and emotional needs. Usually, a couple initially attract each other by their strengths and develop conflicts over time when their weaknesses become exceedingly annoying, broken promises occur, or their differences in approaching life cause them to drift apart. These conflicts can build up to a point where pains and hurts high-jack their love for each other.  I help couples rebuild the foundation of their relationships and utilize interventions to translate negatives into positives. Along the way, I equip couples with tools to communicate and address their needs better, resolve problems more effectively and build trust, respect, peace, and harmony. I will support you in rekindling your intimacy, enjoying each other and promoting growth through the process.


Can I Come Alone?


“What if my partner is not willing or ready to come for counselling? Will there be benefits if I come to see you by myself?”


The answer is yes. I’ve seen dramatic improvement in relationships when only one partner seeks help through counselling. When there is a shift in perspective in one partner, positive changes in thinking, attitude, or behavioral pattern can improve the relationship dynamic. When the unwilling partner experiences the change, he/she will likely be more receptive to seeking help or responding more positively.


Family Therapy with Joyce


All families (whether nuclear, blended, or divorced) face conflicts at some points. Individual family members each contribute to the dynamics within a family. Concerns identified by one family member will have a ripple effect on another member or the family unit as a whole. In family therapy, I work with the family unit, involving all members, to bring healing and resolution. The goal is to promote understanding of the issues, shed light from various perspectives, address past hurts, remove obstacles, and restore stability and harmony to the family. Interventions are designed to allow the free flow of emotions and cultivate an open environment for individual members to draw on their strengths. Effective Family Therapy is powerful since a strong family forms the best support system to weather the storms against the turbulent currents of society.


Why Seek Life Coaching?


Are you satisfied with your overall well-being, job, career, marriage, or relationships? Are you living a meaningful life and feeling fulfilled? If you are struggling with any of the above, coaching can lead to your breakthrough in living a life with purpose and passion.


People seek coaching at different junctures of their life journeys. As your life coach, I can help you clarify your goals, explore options at critical crossroads, manage your life transitions effectively, and/or strategize a roadmap for living out your unique calling.


Life Coaching with Joyce


My passion is to empower my clients to become the best they can be, enjoy harmony in their relationships, and live meaningful and fulfilling lives.


My faith background is Christianity. My worldview is shaped by the teaching of the Bible. I will respect your own belief system and will not impose my worldview on you during our interactions. Learning about your worldview is an important asset for me to help you effectively.


Act Now


Don’t dwell on your problems alone. Seek help now. I can help you live more freely, fully, and become who you want to be.

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