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  • Licensed social worker and Certified coach
  • 10 Plaza Street East, Suite 1C , Brooklyn , New York, 11238
  • Phone: 347-5109131
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  • Session Fees: $150-$250 dependent on frequency and length of agreed program. Willing to discuss sliding scale fees for serious clients committed to doing the work!
  • judithrapley.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

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I am a wellness, relationship and family coach and licensed social worker providing safe and sacred space for personal connection, growth and development in your life. I also am a Business Strategist with advanced training and certifications. I understand that life is a journey full of changes that can be opportunities for transformation if you have the courage, motivation and skills to embrace them. If you want results in redesigning your life, are at major transitions or crossroads, have areas of success but others of disappointment, are frustrated, stuck, or wanting a more balanced life and IF you are ready to do the work on making your life better, you are the ideal client to see results and receive tremendous benefits. I am the person to come alongside you on that journey. I offer support, accountability, and practical steps from a mind, spirit and soul perspective, how we are created to be and perform best.

My own journey led me from the Caribbean and Panama to Houghton College in rural upstate New York where I studied Sociology & Psychology, then to graduate school at Columbia University for a Masters of Science in Social Work (LMSW). I have also acquired ACCC- Associate Certified coach certification, DBT training and knowledge and expertise in Highly Sensitive (tm) applied foundation, skills, and strategies.

Women's and immigrant issues, gender equality and point of views are near and dear to my life and heart, and I speak to them all the time. These immigrant, cultural and gender issues have especially sensitized me to yours. I intentionally serve girls and women, as well as receptive men, who are on their own journeys as they find their own voices, tell their own stories while serving others, take care of themselves, define their own success and live out their destinies with integrity. I now focus on providing coaching, personal and professional development, encouragement, mentorship and partnership. This happens individually, with couples, families or within groups, or formal or informal organizational structures.

Complimentary phone consultation provided. Digital/on-line sessions for out of NYC clients. Reasonable sliding scale fees for out of pocket/out of network payments. Offices throughout NYC- in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

I invite you to call now at (347)-510-9131, go straight to judithrapley.com or email me at judith@judithrapley.com and start our communication now. Digital, video and phone conferences possible.

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