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I have my Masters of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University with a clinical focus for working with individuals, couples, families and groups. I am a passionate counsellor who puts my heart into my work. I have helped many people overcome many life challenges, such as concerns with anxiety, depression, mental health and physical health issues, areas of loss/grief, self-image and interpersonal problems. My clients feel relieved as they feel comfortable talking to me and sharing things they may not have shared with others. Overtime, my clients are able to see how their life has changed for the better since beginning therapy and they notice how they even feel better too!   

In therapy I work alongside my clients with a client-centered approach; this means that I really focus on my client's needs and I hear what they are saying; my clients decides their goals and therapy focus. I offer my clients a calm, comfortable place for them to be themselves because I find authenticity to be important for our therapeutic relationship. I am non-judgmental, which means my clients can actually feel that I am not judging them as we work together. I have compassion for people and I validate my client's strengths whenever they come up because strengths are so important!

I have training in trauma therapy with Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Many clients who have experienced varying degrees of trauma have benefitted from EMDR and have experienced forms of therapeutic healing within. Trauma can really freeze people in the past; in trauma therapy, I assist clients to be brought more into the present. EMDR helps clients to process their trauma in a safe way. EMDR is not known as a "talk therapy" treatment, but I am open to having talk therapy sessions whenever my client needs one.
Additionally, I am a hypnotherapist and have assisted many clients to achieve their goals in transforming their lives, smoking cessation, weight management, pain management, stress management, goal setting and overcoming fears or phobias. I also offer clients neuro-linguistic programming techniques that strengthens their hypnotherapy.
I feel that an in-depth assessment with my clients is an important foundation for establishing a strong treatment plan; therefore, my therapeutic initial assessments are likely 2 sessions long in order to collect a great amount of background information. After the assessment, I am able to really know my clients and what therapeutic techniques would work well for them.
Seeing my clients for who they are and where they want to be is important to me.

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