Julie Freedman, MSW, RSW, PhD (c)

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  • Registered Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist
  • 5-315 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4V 2H2
  • Phone: (416) 901-4600
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  • Session Fees: Extended Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for Psychologist or Social Worker are accepted.
  • www.angerhelp.ca

Over the past 15 years I have worked with hundreds individuals and families faced with personal conflict, loss, relationship issues, family troubles or conditions such as troubling anger, depression, stress, anxiety and addiction. Whether you are contending with a life long issue or a recent event, I am here to help. 
My approach is supportive, empathetic and, above all, pragmatic. While I believe that understanding the past is essential, change occurs in the present. I will challenge you to be an active partner in therapy and to work toward ongoing insight, growth, and positive change both in and outside of sessions.
My experience ranges from psychotherapy and assessment of individuals and families to counseling trauma survivors and persons experiencing major life setbacks and transitions. Whether you seek to make a change, overcome significant life obstacles or break a chronic pattern, I will provide a private and confidential space geared to your own pace and timing. 

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