Julie Zikman Toporoski, BSW, MSW, RSW

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About me:

My empathic, non-judgmental approach to clients seeking support for a broad range of difficulties has lead to effective therapeutic partnerships for over twenty years. I have extensive experience conducting assessments and providing personalized therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups dealing with complex difficulties.

Specialties include:

Risk assessments and court reports for clients in conflict with the law.

Relationship therapy including separation and divorce.

Stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, anger management and partner conflict and/or violence.

Family support regarding major mental illness (psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety), incest (parent-child; sibling-sibling) and adolescent-parent conflict.

Specialized assessment and relapse prevention therapy for individuals (adults and adolescents) facing criminal charges (sexual offences, domestic violence, criminal harassment, breach of conditions) or for those who are concerned that their behaviour is harmful or illegal.

Additional Areas of Expertise

Marriage and family therapy

I support couples and families in times of significant life changes and circumstance such as becoming parents for the first time, postpartum depression, returning to work after parental leave, workplace stress, parent-adolescent conflict, sexual deviance, criminal activity, infidelity and other relationship crises by developing collaborative treatment plans.


Psycholegal or Forensic work

I provide therapy to individuals who are on bail, probation or parole as well as those who have yet to be sentenced. Assessment and treatment is available for those arrested for sexual offenses but not yet convicted. Counseling is also available for individuals who are affected by the stress of a family member who is involved with the justice system.


Separation and Divorce

I have specialized training and skills to support couples or individuals facing separation and divorce. I can provide a safe place to work through the myriad of feelings that may accompany the dissolution of a marriage or common law relationship including grief, anxiety, stress, fear, anger, shame, loss, abandonment, rejection, betrayal and sadness.

In October and November 2016 I completed Level 1 Introduction to Collaborative Practice Training and Level 2 Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Skills Training.

Regular consultation and collaboration with divorce professionals to help clients become emotionally prepared to engage in focused and efficient work to craft a lasting and well though out agreement. 


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